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Welcome to the Khaganat project

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This wiki works as a “guide” into the khaganat project. Its purpose is to create a creative, open and free ecosystem which could live independently from its initiators and decline itself through numerous supports and various universes (see our manifesto, our founder principles and our Policy). Here, you will learn all that you need to know about the project, the tools and concepts (which we are ready to debate on) etc. If you wish to discover the MMORPG (based on the Ryzom Core engine) which was the first universe available through a 3D game client, you can go to Unit of Memory 1. The Art's document and the stories from various authors are mostly located in the Mediateki. A large part of the graphics propositions are based on the Ryzom Asset Repository, which are under the Creative Commons License Attribution – Share Alike 3.0.

If you are lost, the introduction page should help.

If you are very lost, do not hesitate to contact us on the forum or on the chat to ask any questions.

The association

CC BY Yella Mella Macra
The target of our independent association (that is under the french law of 1901) is to support and insure the artistic and technical development of free entertaining universes.

Khanat : the MMORPG (alpha version)

The game client

The client is in its alpha stage and is available for Linux, Windows Systems and OSX.

Khanat's Universe

Maybe you're wondering what this world looks like, and perhaps about those who live in it? May all of your questions be answered here.


Some big achievements have been made, however.. there are many things which remains to be done. Come!! Let's dream together.

Game Design

Détail de poster sur le Game Design, CC-BY New Media Consortium The big word it is said. Reflection's tracks, way to approach the creation of the Khaganat's world, its development in time and space, technical and practical aspect, all that is about game conception.


Modeling the future settings and accessories, creating 3D objects textures, portraying the website's design…

Web & Coding

This section collects all possible information about coding. If you have skills in web administration or coding (python, C, C++, actionscript, etc.), you're very welcome to join!!

Creative space

Before all other things.. Khaganat is a “think-tank”, full of personalities and stories to share. You can contribute by sharing your own work for this world which is fastly developing into a dream for all of us.


Maybe you got a soul of a storyteller.. or perhaps a writer? Then this section is for you… and who knows, maybe your work will become part of the “khanat universe”!


This section contains the information about the graphic creations. If you have skills in pixel art, 3D modeling or simply drawing, you are more than welcome to contribute in expending the khaganat universe.

Sound Gallery

Noises, sounds, music… Are you a composer, musician, singer, or maybe all three of them? Does our world inspire you? You maybe want to share your creation with us? Then check out this section!

The 10 most-used words

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