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The Ryzom Core commands

A List of existing commands for the Ryzom Core game engine(both for the client and the server).

Client commands

Client order list

The commands require a certain number of arguments, the first often being(some(rare) does not ask for it) an “id”! Following this kind of order(of an id) of a certain “mob” or sometimes that of a “csr” or perhaps most often of a “character”(or any one) will pass the asked argument.

These 3 base commands is used to request the id(OBS: It's quite complex and hard to get by hand without access to the admin service):

/a send the id of the character that launches the command. /b send the target id of the character that launches the command. /c <name> send the id of the character with the name passed in argument.

The rest of the arguments(given between <> in the site but without if) must be passed after the name of the command.

Arguments between [] are optional.

Example: (x is replaced by a, b or c)

/x [<character name>] <command name> [<argument list to switch to command>]

The | symbol in an argument means “or”.


CreateItemInBag: <eid> <sheetId>|<sheetName> <quantity> <quality> [force]

Means that one has to pass(in the argument) the shhetID OR the sheetName followed of the quantity, the quality and optionally the force.

Ex gray commands:

Command Explanation parameters rights id
command aide arguments rights id

Are disabled, they do exist but are either “commented in the code” or deactivated in any way possible. (There's still to double-check those that aren't)

Server commands

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