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Politeness is the essence of a pleasant relationship

  1. Courtesy is appropriate in every exchange.
  2. The respect of everyone's private life is a fundamental element. No abusive or hidden usage will be done of someones private data(that to us is entrusted). We use solutions(with given priority) to add to the transparency of private information management and security information.

We are all volunteers

  1. You cannot demand that someone does “work” for you.
  2. As in any free project, if you want something done, you’ve got to lead the way.
  3. You’re encouraged to question, ask, participate… but remember that every participant has his/hers own private life to attend to, and this makes time a rare commodity.

The pleasure to build together is an essential driving force

  1. Pay attention to the contributions of others. In addition to motivating every participant, you’ll enrich each other through these exchanges.
  2. Your contribution only make sense if others appreciate them. Hence, address the remarks… they’re meant to help you give the best of yourself.
  3. Everyone can make his/hers contribution, may it be correcting a comma or to helping configure a forum… Everything counts!
  4. Contributing should also be seen as a mean to learn new things, for ex: learning the lojban, telling stories, use the wikis, etc.

The project is based ..above everything.. on the concept of freedom

  1. We “invite” everyone to prefer free licences, for artistic work as much as for software production.
  2. We “request” everyone to accept the personnel freedom of everyone else, whether it be to affirm the paternity on someones work or to make personal profit on the shared work.
  3. We accept that the founding choices to be discussed, as long as this freedom in principle is not challenged.
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