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First steps in the constellation

The welcome page of Khaganat already introduce some concepts.

First, you can read our charter, and if you want a really detailed presentation, please read the manifesto and the founding principles.

Khaganat is a complex project and therefore it's easy to get lost. Follow the guide, and perhaps discover something different…

What Khaganat is

Khaganat aims at creating a MMORPG that is as free as possible. Free in all the possibilities that are given to the players (even that is something every MMORPG will try to offer). Also free in its code, its graphical resources, its universe, its history and in the tools provided to modify it and make it grow.

It is also a social and economical experiment. The Khaganat’s participants explore concepts not usually used in video games, and hence we bet that “a game fully accessible” could generate a positive economy 1) and constructive human exchanges based on sharing and good-will rather than on constraint and secrecy.

In concrete terms, if the player community wants a patch, one can be create and it will be upload. If everyone wish to see a new race appearing, then “every talent” will be solicited to create a history for this new race, and then to integrate it into what is already existing, even to create its visual appearance, to animate the 3d models, to add it into the server, and also discover the new events which are related to it.

Everyone has to, and can decide what he or she wants to do:

  • Just play.
  • Join in the modifications.
  • Support all of this but from a distance.
  • Motivate all others to give their best…

Everyone has a place here.

For more details, you should really read the manifesto and the founding principles!


Take the time to navigate through the pages of the wiki, jump on the forum2). Don’t hesitate to ask questions on the IRC channels. A lot of things are still to be built.

The Wikhan (that you are reading currently) gives information regarding the project as a whole. Tools, tutorials, and so on.. but not about the world! We consider the possibility that one day, other worlds (and other servers) may emerge from the initial project.

To get a presentation of the world, you’ve got to go to the “Unity of Memory 1”, usually abbreviated in UM1. Welcome on the First Matrix of the Khanat3)! But listen.. only Dreamers can perceive what the matrix is… Which is the environment you will be bound to discover on the game server.

Everything available on the UM1, just as on the Wikhan, are under license CC-BY.

The Mediateki is also associated with Khanat. This is the place where we gather all the creations from all kind of artists: chronicles, stories, drawings, music, poesy etc… BUT beware, each work belongs to the one who created it and licenses may differ. You can join in and use the data of the universe while protecting your own work with the most abominable licenses(if you want)4).


Well, just for now, it will be a bit difficult. But it will arrive! The project is still at the beginning. Nonetheless it's possible to have a little idea of it, to discover our trials (more or less decisive) by going on this page wich explain the the way to install a client related to your sever platform.


Everything is to be done, everything is to be dreamed ! Thus we are pleased to welcome all the goodwill.

The rule (which is the foundation Khaganat) is “Dream without limit”. When the vision is a great one, it gathers and motivates. Technical constraints, human capabilities, availables skills ? It’s only secundary. Dare to dream and share the collective dream.. and when you’re full of energy and ready to move mountains5), then… make the first step… then the second one.. and one step after another (without ever losing the sense of what motivates you), the obstacles will be overcome and the dream will turn into a reality.

Each element (considered on itself) is achievable. Anyone can give his/her contribution, by correcting a comma or by re-coding the whole server… Everything is useful !

By contributing to Khaganat, you then also may learn or practice new things like:

  • Learn the lojban.
  • Use blender.
  • Tell stories.
  • Write in LUA scripts.
  • Do machinima.

and a lot of other…

Yes, you can use Khaganat’s drawings on T-shirts, and sell them without giving royalties to the project… and it’s only one possibility among thousands of others
even if it's current language are french, an english partis is in construction
Khaganat is the name of the global project, Khanat is the name of its first world
but PLEASE, do consider “at least” to explore the possibilities of the CC licences ;-)
cause it’s what we're speaking about, we’re crazy but lucid
CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International Driven by DokuWiki
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