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We've moved to XMPP. This page is still there as archive. Join us now on our new channels!

If you already know about IRC, go straight to Our channels. If IRC is a word whitout much sense for you, start with IRC for beginners. If you already know everything and you're just trying to remember all the commands, then jump to IRC commands.


IRC for beginners

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a system that facilitates transfer of messages in the form of text. The chat process works on a client/server model of networking. IRC clients are computer programs that a user can install on their system. These clients are able to communicate with chat servers to transfer messages to other clients. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message as well as chat and data transfer, including file sharing.

Source : Wikipedia

IRC is a chat system. It gives you the means to have discussions with other people on channels, also called salons; you can also have private chats with a single person.

IF this tutorial isn't enough, other pieces of information are available on this site1), which doesn't seem like much for the moment, but will hold a lot of useful things.

Connecting through a web browser

The quickest way to try IRC is to go on the http://webchat.freenode.net/ page. You simply type your chosen user name in front of the “nickname”.

The channel is simply “khanat”. Copy the captcha(the numbers in the images) without error and click on “Connect!”

And that's it, You will now join the Khanat channel(where we ALL create the game).


When using IRC often, it's more comfortable to use a client(a specific software) which allows to be notified when receiving a message, to manage private talks on a more practical way, etc.

To know which one to chose, how to configure it, and also learning a few hints/problems, see the article IRC Clients: chosing, installing and setting-up

Operator Commands

With a few simple commands, you can reserve a nickname you'll be the only one to use, or change a bit the way the messages are displayed. The more interesting commands are available on this page.

Our channels

There are two channels dedicated to Khaganat.

One: Join us on Freenode and /join #khanat ; it is the salon used habitually.

Two: A back-up network has also been created on EFnet(/join #khaganat; server irc.blackened.com, if more information is required). If, for any reason, the Freenode network is out of order or if you don’t manage to join it, there will be someone on EFnet, making sure you don’t lose contact. If you’ve got the feeling that you’re connected but don’t see neither ChanServ nor Pendorid, it means there’s a problem! In this case, have a look on the EFnet network. However, except in case of problem, talk is done on #khanat (Freenode network).

It is also interesting to follow the RyzomCore salon(in English), #ryzom on Freenode.

To sum up:

  • Freenode, /join #khanat
  • Freenode, /join #ryzom
  • EFNET, /join #khaganat


There are “bots”(robots) on IRC, which we call(on our #khanat channel) “daemons”, in reference to the Khanat universe. There task is to do small services for us. If you want to improve one of these daemons, or add a new one, just ask.


Freenode's bot, which allows for management of rights on the channel, including the one to be OP. It's quite the predictable daemon, without much character, except when it comes to annoy Zatalyz when she wants to change something.

The Chanserv commands are reachable throught /msg ChanServ help <command>


She's an affectionate daemon, always enthusiast when it comes to chew up laces. Her main role is to record everything said in the channel(for the archives), and to take back the news from the forum. She much has her own will and she tends to mess around a lot, and to give a very entrenched opinion on the bipeds who dare to “squat” in her channel.

Having pendorid to talk requires secret powers!


Gives lojban translation of english words, and the english translation of lojban words. Based on vlasisku, it can decypher complex words from rafsi.

  • valsi: word : gives the definition of the word on the channel.
  • /query valsi : opens a private talk window with valsi. You can then enter the required word for your translation.

When discussing directly with valsi, it's possible to ask about different components of a “lojban word”, being of the lujvo type by entering the following command: {lojban word} (components)
<YannK> kamjunmre (components)
<valsi> kamjunmre (components) = ka djuno merli

It can also be asked about the rafsi of a gismu or cmavo word throught the following command:

{lojban word} (affix)


Lojban parser: it splits up words and sentences, hightlighting the sentence's construction.

  • gerna: [lojban sentence of word]: analyses the sentence on the channel.
  • /query gerna : opens a private talk window with gerna. You can then copy/paste the sentence for splitting.


Like gerna, camxes analyses the grammatics of a sentence and highlight its construction. It also corrects some mistakes done by gerna (these are two completely different “engines”).

It also has a html interface for you to use IF you don't like the one on IRC: http://ilmen.tk/lojban/camxes.html

  • camxes: [lojban word or sentence]: analyses the sentence on the channel.
  • /query camxes : opens a private talk window with gerna. You can then copy/paste the sentence for splitting.
in French – there are probably a lot of equivalents on the English-speaking web, and I promise to find one as soon as the whole Khaganat site is translated
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