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IRC commands

We've moved to XMPP. This page is still there as archive. Join us now on our new channels!

If you're just started on the IRC, the general page about IRC will be of more use to you.

There are a lot of available commands on IRC, only the most useful ones have been listed below. On the syntax point of view, in the examples, what is between square brackets is to be replaced with the proper variable (square brackets included). For example, for: /nick [your nickname] you'll have to enter something like /nick WikhanMaster.

When you have to write the name of a channel in a command, the hash (#) before the name is always required.

Example : /j khanat doesn't word, but /j #khanat will connect you to the khanat channel.

Basic Commands

Command Action
/nick [your pseudonym] Changes your name into the chosen pseudonym. Doesn’t consider spaces nor accented characters; limited length.
/part [#salon] [message] Quits the salon, leaving a message. The message is optional.
/join [#salon] Joins the considered salon.
/away [message] Informs other users that your currently away. If you add a [message](optional), it will appear on the channel when you go away, and when someone sends you a private message for the first time. Reenter the command to deactivate the mod. On Xchat, you can go “away” using the Ctrl+alt+A combination of keys.
/msg nickserv register [your_current_password] [your@mail.com] Records you current pseudonym if it is available.
/msg nickserv identify [your_password] If you have registered your nickname, you'll have to enter this command whenever you log in to prove that you're really “you”. Your client can remember this password so that you don’t have to re-enter it every time you log in…
/me [message] Creates a sentence that starts with your pseudonym. This allows role-playing through IRC.

Going a bit further

To link several nicknames to the same rights: your standard nickname has to be registered. Then, you change your nickname, and then

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY previous_nickname password((Of the previous nickname, of course.))
/msg NickServ GROUP

Operators Commands

These commands are available only for the operators, the administrators of the channels.

Command Action
/msg Chanserv op #khanat Getting the Operator status on the #kkhanat channel, if you're on the authorized list.
/msg ChanServ FLAGS #khanat nickname+o Chanserv gives Operators status to the nickname, no automatic log-in with OP rights.
/msg ChanServ FLAGS #khanat your_nickname+O Chanserv gives you automatically Operators status when connecting to the #khanat channel.
/msg ChanServ FLAGS #khanat nickname +F Chanserv gives to the nickname the same rights as the ones granted to the founder of the channel. It can be used only by the ones who are already identified as founders. Allows to tell Chanserv who could be an Operator.
/kick [#channel] [nickname] [message]
/msg chanserv set #khanat entrymsg Welcome on khaganat.net Configures a message that will be displayed for everyone at each log-in on the channel.
/msg Chanserv SET #khaganat URL http://khaganat.net The provided URL will be displayed at each log-in on the channel.
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