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Running the game


For now, the server is in pre-alpha, it is very prototypical and is likely to be reset anytime.

The client is also evolving regularly, so updates will regularly occur.

All of this has not been secured yet so never use a login/password couple which you're using somewhere else!


Clients are on this page.

old method to install the client


See the detailed article how to install a game client for linux.


Downlaod the Mac client.

This part is probably obsolete.

Unzip the client, place the data zip in this folder, and launch khanat_update_local which will unzip khanat_data and place it at the proper place. For this to work, the khanat_update_local, Khanat.app and khanat_data.7z have all to be in the same folder. Launch the client once it's done.


Download the installer here.

Launch khanat_setup.exe from any folder and follow the provided instructions.

If the "official" client doesn't work

Note the error message you get, come on IRC and copy it.

If you meet strange bugs, the simplest way is often to delete the content of some folders.

  • cache, unpack and user can be deleted without any problem. The patch will re-download only what is required.
  • The save folder contains the data about your characters (chatLog, customed maps, macros, etc). If emptying the previous folders isn't enough, save the data of save apart, empty the folder.
  • screenshots contains only the screenshots taken in game; it cannot make your client crash.
  • If the data folder doesn't match with the official client, then there may be some display bugs. Make sure that data is the one with the Khanat data version. It's the same content on Mac, Windows and Linux; if you're playing on several OS, you can copy this folder instead of re-downloading it every thime.

Launch the game

Matrix 0: the Khanat

The first world is the Khanat, which the server will try to look like. Lost in the Mists, the Dreamers shape a new World.

When you're installing the game client as explained above, the access to the server is already set-up.

First connection

Create an account here, and once this account created, go on IRC to ask for it to be activated.

Launch the game and log in. If you get a message saying that you should have a subscribed account, or any error, contact-us.

Then create a character, and enter the game!

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