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Attention : les informations qui concernent le client OpenNeL sont anciennes car nous avons abandonné son développement. Nous travaillons désormais à un client Godot qui se connectera au serveur OpenNeL. Retrouvez les informations sur ce nouveau client sur https://khaganat.net/wikhan/fr:godot:start.

Running the game

This information is all out of date. See the Godot page!


For now, the server is in pre-alpha, it is very prototypical and is likely to be reset anytime.

The client is also evolving regularly, so updates will regularly occur.

None of this has been secured yet so never use a login/password couple which you've used somewhere else!


If you don't find what you're looking for above, check on this page.


To register for an account: visit this link

If the "official" client doesn't work

Note the error message you get, come on XMPP and copy it.

If you encounter strange bugs, the easiest way to resolve them is often to delete the content of some folders.

  • cache, unpack and user can be deleted without any problem. The patch will re-download only what is required.
  • The save folder contains the data about your characters (chatlog, custom maps, macros, etc). If emptying the previous folders isn't enough, copy the contents of the save folder somewhere else, and empty the folder.
  • screenshots contains only the screenshots taken in game; it cannot make your client crash.
  • If the data folder doesn't match with the official client, then there may be some display bugs. Make sure that data is the one with the Khanat data version. It's the same content on Mac, Windows and Linux; if you're playing on several OSes, you can copy this folder instead of re-downloading it every time.

Launch the game

Matrix 0: the Khanat

The first world is the Khanat. Lost in the Mists, the Dreamers shape a new World.

The game client is preconfigured to connect to this server.

First connection

Create an account here. Once an account is created, one should be able to play. At the moment it is not yet possible to create an account directly from the client, you have to do it from the above link. Be careful, in this pre-alpha version, the password management system is still quite basic, do not use an already existing password and avoid special characters.

Launch the game and log in. If you get a message saying that you should have a subscribed account, or any error, contact-us.

Create a character, and enter the Khanat!

Keep in mind that the server is relatively empty and unstable, our work is not always visible.


Should one encounter errors :

  • Download our client_default.cfg (this should be up the date) and also put it in the Khanat folder.
  • On OSX : empty your folder /unpack and delete the file exedll_osx_.ref in the folder /data.
  • Error sha1: the patch was installed incorrectly due to insufficient permissions. Verify that the Khanat folder has read and write permissions for all users1)).
  • Error exedll_*** : the patch was failed to download correctly. Re-download all the folders exedll (delete or backup the old files and put the newly downloaded ones in). If it still doesn't work, contact the support, the patch must be updated on the shard.
  • black or white texture with windows and intel graphics card: put live3d (version 9)

See also the client error page.
And how to report a problem.

On linux, use the command the folder from a terminal: sudo chmod -R ug+RW ./Khanat
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