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We beg of you all to keep in mind that the entire game is still in it's “Alpha stage”.

The Khanat Client

The installation instructions are available on the page: To play.


For the time being, the server is in “Alpha stage”, and it is still very experimental and likely to be reset at any given time. The client also evolves regularly, therefore it is often necessary to check for updates. The security in the client and server has it's flaws, so we recomend to NEVER use an login/password that you usually use elsewhere!

As of now, we do NOT have all the “client versions” covered for different distributions(or OS). Therefore.. we ask for your patience! If you know how to compile, your help would be much appreciated.

Seek us out on the forum or on the irc-channels.

Short info: We are having some concerns regarding “compressions”.

    At this stage, we have to use 7zip for decompressing(except on
          Mac, where we instead made a basic "zip-client").
    We will offer another alternative in the future, based
          on when the time is given for it.

Smokey Blondie

Smokey Blondie is a very light “download client”. It's purpose is to download the game-data into given folder, where it is prepared/installed.. prior to its first launch.

Full Blondie

Full Blondie is the name of the “complete” Client. During it's first launch, the patching should be very smooth and fast. If your having problems, don't hesitate to contact us.


Currently, we only have an update-client for Windows systems with an easy installation-cycle(one click affair). We are hard at work on “depots” for Linux and the Mac branches.


To view Khanat from an astronomical point of view, you can download Celestia. Then modify the installation with the files below. See Celestia for more information.

Khanat data_zip-file for Celestia

If you wanned to generate a random sky, the script aleatoire_celestia.php was the one to do it. But unfortunately it does not seem to work anymore … But you can still study it(right click, and choose “save link as …”).

VM server Khanat

This is if you want to test the shard under a VM(Virtual Machine).

(The archive is split into three parts):

VM 1ere part 001 VM 1ere part 002 VM 1ere part 003

simple order

To start, do: shard start

And to stop it: shard stop

use with client

You need an up-to-date client with all the data.

Change “https://lirria.khaganat.net” to “”

Then do: ./shard.sh


For those who want to make changes..

You can upgrade with git

Make “shard.sh” to update your changes

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