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First steps on Khanat

This page is supposed to become a portal that will help newcomers in their discovery of the world. It should be clear, nice, synthetic. For now, it is the translation of the french version of the page, as it was available on 1st of august 2013. Especially, all links refer to french pages. When english articles will become available, the links will be updated.


An old world, so old that its memory is shattered, start over through its inhabitants' dreams, day after day. A wild territory, wandered by ferocious beasts which tread upon forgotten lands, full of ruins eaten by vegetation where chamans dance at the glow of a campfire. In the windings of the underground, squeaking gears, clickety-clack mechanisms watch, observe, organize. From his palace of Va'itu'a, Khan of the Eons keeps an eye on the Mists' progress and the flood of Forgetters, with anxiety. He hopes for true miracles from the Dreamwalkers, who have to dream up tomorrow's world.

Khanat's populations

Khanat : the dream of an empire

Followers of logic, the tcara dreamed about a structure below the world. In the heart of the City which they have erected, they conceived the artificial life and gave birth to the runzatra.
The Khanat haven't ceased to grow with influence, assimilated each Ra species. Thus, the people living in Khanat, have access to different casts, chosen by their origin, wich determine their role in the society.

Kulaz : the nomad tribes

Confronted to the climate's harshness of the most hostile regions of Khanat, the ucikara tribes go on a continuous journey seeking for food.

Zug : the migratory peoples

Traveling on long distances, the quetzara's peoples with their shimmering plumage, follow distinct migration's roads, escorted by those who were converted to their way of life.

Ophidra's matriarchy

From the sunken caves of itsmir lake, a reptilian community with peculiar habits, encourage its members to seek their dreams.


The spaduzura live in unison with the luxuriant nature of the Jungle and remain to ban all form of technology.

The universe

See also Visions of the Khanat for a plunge into the very heart of the world.

Dream !

The Khanat is a changing universe, where reality never gets a fixed value, and changes under the press of extraordinary forces. Sometimes, the dream of a ra changes a whole region; sometimes the united will of all the inhabitants changes the future. The Mists move forth and back depending on the actions of the beings who live on the Khanat. But in the shades, sombre powers watch the world's destiny, and argue bitterly on its future. You've got the power to change the world… take it !


From the arid Desert of the West to the frozen foothils of the Snow-capped Mountain, from the crystal-clear waters of the Itsmir Lake to the idyllic shores of the Dreaming See, not mentionning the monumental columns of the city of Natca and the dark mysteries of the Crypt, discover a diverse world, where each place reserves its share of challenges: fauna not really willing to share, ruins to be explored… All this is only a small insight

And if long rambles are not enough for you, you can explore the shelves of the libraries on the trail of the world's secrets, you can learn the subtilities of the art of fighting in the Arena or in the streets, and discover thousands of other things occupations1).

Your adventure

Choose the life you want to live: become the most famous warrior that Khanat has ever given birth to, plunge into the arcana of politics, revolutionize science and technology, praise your favorite gods or just live a quite family life with your beloved ones….

Depending on your encounters and your choices, your destiny finds its place in the Khanat.

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