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Encyclopedia of Khanat

As an introduction to this encyclopedia, we offer you a quick tour of the Khanat universe. It's an opportunity(for the newcomers) to discover some essentials points before exploring those pages by themselves.

The generals pages(of the encyclopedia) collects available information for all the “Khanat people”. At top of the page, the tabs give an access to the hidden pages(for the eyes of dreamers only): Animation - Gameplay - Developer - Discussion

To search an article in the “Memory database”, type your keywords in the search box at the top right corner of the page… or explore the “thematics menus”.


The wildlife, plant life and all living things.


Geography, dowsing, geology… All the influences of the “space and territory” on ra.


All the useful engineering's invented during the Eons of associated sciences.


The Social Khanat organization and social science.


The encyclopedia grows bigger with each and every contribution from all people who wish to participate. As you can see, ther4e are some articles that's not available for english users(but translation is under way). A guide which explains each tools(that we use) is available to help you in the making of your first articles.

The 10 most-used words

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