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How to participate and enrich the Khanat encyclopedia

Knowing how an wiki works in general

Most of the information about how the Khaganat wikis work is available here. In order, the main articles for you to read are:

The rules to follow in the UM1

These rules are “not engraved in stone”! Do not hesitate to make one, even if the information may not be totally accurate. Because it is easy to correct afterwards.. as we see it, the most complicated is to add content… So, do not hesitate, get started!

Philosophy of the articles

The main page of an article(“General” tab) must have:

  • A PR presentation: These pages are for what a “ra” can learn by going to the large library. Present the information as if you were like a scribe/scientist(or at least a curious writer) of Khanat, seeking to spread knowledge. Do NOT talk about less related “offside” things, there are other tabs for that.
  • An encyclopedic tone: The rules are much less strict than on a Wikipedia, the encyclopaedia of Khanat is closer to the first encyclopedias where authors sometimes allow themselves to present things from a certain point of view. But try to have a neutral point of view(although Khan'tic), to describe facts and data without making a too obvious judgment, and to document by linking your article to the Mediateki stories or other articles from the encyclopedia.

The role tabs: animation, gameplay is developed in their respective links.

"Technical" part

Where to create a new article?

When you create a page for the encyclopedia, it then should be located directly under the namespace of the language in which the article is written. For example, if you want to create a page on the Khan, at the address bar it will be in /en:khan. If you want to make the card in English.. then it will be: khan.

Try to find a page name without a space. That what will appear in the menus is the first title of the page(there may be spaces). There should never be any accent or uppercase in the name of the page(which appears in the address bar). If this name is specific to the universe(as the same in all languages), it is more convenient subsequently for further translations. For example, a storey page is easier to link than snake_rock. These are the two names of the beast.

The animation, gameplay, and developer tabs

When an general article is created, the page appears with the “tabs”: animation, gameplay, developer and discussion. There is no(and should not be) a “secret” to/about Khanat. All information must be accessible for all for creattion of a unified world, but it's possible to hide what most people do not know. for ex: Imagine a secret sect. The description of this sect(in the general tab) is very succinct. One can put a link to the sacred books of this sect in the Mediateki, even to a zone with limited access. People know that the page exists but not its content … But, to avoid misinterpretations, In the “Animation tab” you have an interest in giving the underside of this sect. For the most confidential information, use the spoil tag. <Hidden> Like this! </ Hidden>

Categorization of articles

For tags(the categories to which the article belongs), we want you to take a look at of what's in tag. In general an article mainly belongs to a category, but it can be related to much more. If you think that a tag is missing, add it to your article and then report it in the tag.

Page Templates

For some articles, the wiki offers these: templates. These models give an example of how to structure the article and to fill in what inspires you, but ignore the rest. For example the model fauna gives an idea about the information to edit, to be able to get a complete picture of a creature. If you make an article about a recurring theme(and there is no template), propose yours!

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