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Rename and Move a page

If you created the page /wiki:penguin and you realize that it should be moved and/or renamed, for example to /en:penguin, then here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Create the correct page(here, /en:penguin). Copy the content of the page /wiki:penguin, then paste it “in” to /en:penguin.
  2. On the page /wiki:penguin, click on “link to this page”. This will list the other pages of the wiki linking to this page which in turn will prove obsolete. Reassemble the links and change them in the articles, so they now point to your new page /en:penguin.
  3. Finally, go back to /wiki:penguin, choose to edit the page, then erase all it's contents and save. And that's it, the page no longer exists!

In case of error, one can easily retrieve a page destroyed via the history. It is also easy to move a page. So do not be afraid when making a mistake!

Finally, if you forgot to check the links(step 2), each wiki has a page listing of “orphans and broken links”. If you do not find the page, put the good tags (←- Does not exist!!) in the sandbox.

If you need to move a lot of pages in one go(or if the page to move is bound by many links), the administrators have a tool to do this all at ones(automatically), so be sure to contact them.

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