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The Khan of Eons

His name

No one is certain of the real name of the khan and many are circulating. Knowing the real name of a person(or thing) is to conferring power over it, no wonder that the khan's is fluctuating according to the sources.

xancedra: trad. Litt. Of the sacred language: Khan of Era/Eons, it phonetically became one of the nicknames of the “khanat: the Ancestor”. Some believing his name to be: “An Tshe-Thra”.


The Khan of Eons lives in a gigantic palace of which only a part emerges on the surface, it's name in sacred language is va'itu'a : rafsi va'i , value and tu'a , earth). It's said that this is where all secrets are kept, and where only the most deserving ones may/can have access. Other designations may be encountered:

  • The Secret of Secrets.
  • The Palace of an thousand doors…
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