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Model: Fauna

A picture is always nice, even when it's imperfect.


Explain what the bug looks like, its particularities.


Zone and Climate

  • (Aerial/Ground/Aquatic/Underground)
  • (Cold/Warm/Dry/Wet)

Known mutations

Referencing the various known subspecies: different morphological characteristics.

Insert images of the mutations if possible.


This is the “Enumeration” of the diet(of the species) in the form of “URLs” to create links between the pages.

  • Carnivore: which animals?
  • Herbivore : which grazed plants ?
  • Frugivore: can be very specific diets
  • omnivore: anything the beast can eat


Who eats them? What does threaten them?

Reproduction, social life

How does the species multiply? One small or both large? The relationship from studies? Solitary or in a herd, maybe in a pack? What is the relationship between the different sexes?


Is the species hunted? Exploited for agricultural purposes or domesticated for transport?

Notes of scientific observations

Text and notes of various observations.

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