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First steps

Don’t hesitate to participate in the wiki(if you have the knowledge). Whether it is for correcting mistakes in articles, refining the articles, rewriting them, reorganizing them or even creating new ones.

Register to modify

You’ll need to register to be able to modify things in the wiki. It’s really simple: it’s on the right top of the page!

Since anti-bots filters aren’t active, writing rights will be given by an administrator. In case of problem, wake up YannK or Zatalyz on the IRC or send them a message on the forum.

Creating an article

The whole process is described here.

Modifying an article

Just click on the « modify » or « edit » button(depending on the template). It’s a pencil icon on the righthand line or a tab at the top of the article.

The wiki syntax

Dokuwiki makes it a lot simpler to learn the syntax, thanks to its integrated editor. If you want to know everything about it, just go here!. All possible links in Khaganat are listed in Interwiki. Some plugins also add options in the syntax. The plugins list is available here but for details on the syntax, everything has been gathered in this category.

One useful and important thing: when creating a link towards another Khaganat wiki, use an interwiki link rather than a basic one. The small icon before the link will be different, and it’s more beautiful! But, moreover, if we’ve got to move the wikis on another server, it will help a lot.

[[mkh>en:start|The Mediateki]], 
[[wkh>en:khaganat:1erpas|First steps on the Wikhan]],
[[um1>en:start|The Unity of Memory 1]],
[[kh>en|The home page]].

The Mediateki, First steps on the Wikhan, The Unity of Memory 1, The home page.

To do more

Everything is under construction, even the tutorials 1). If you have the trouble finding something OR if you’re still looking on where to go OR how to do something, add a message behind this article(yes, yes, edit it, don’t be afraid ;-) )

And it doesn’t event consider the translations…
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