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Each subject goes along with a discussion page, as in any wiki. Don’t forget to sign your comments following the given example:

   --- //[[laofalachlan@gmail.com|zatalyz]] 2013/05/23 16:14//

Which appears as:
zatalyz 2013/05/23 16:14

You can also include your comment in a wrap bloc 1) in order to show well who’s speaking.

The discussion page is useful to make notes on the page construction, precise what should be added / corrected when someone’s got time… But for a real discussion, with the need to taok, we consider it more efficient to use the forum. That’s why it has been created in the first place! The forum is perfectly fitted to ask questions and get answers. If you want to write an article with several writers at the same time, you can also use pad.

Discussion about the welcoming page

Currently, this is the translation of the French page. No discussion has been started yet in English.

Lyne 2013/08/10 00:54

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