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Imagine… Imagine a very old world. So old that it's memory has been shattered by time, and also rebuilds itself day after day through the dreams of it's inhabitants. A wild territory, land of ferocious creatures who treads upon forgotten places, full of plant eaten ruins where chamans dance in the light of the campfire. In the winding's of the underground, squeaking gears, rattling mechanisms that watch you, observing and planing. From his “Va'itu'a” palace, the Khan of the Eons(who is said to be immortal) anxiously follows the progress of the Mist and the “Forgotten River”. He's awaiting real miracles from the “Dream walkers”.. they who should be dreaming the world of tomorrow!!

A universe for freedom

To create a universe, is also to create life. And if there is one thing that life always does.. it's escaping from it's creators. From this simple point of view, the Khaganat project covets to develop an entirely free universe as a playground.
The originators of this project hope to attract a community of creative people around the project(and the world) that is open in its formalization and evolution. Even so when it comes to the tools used for concept and creation, but also in a way to be able to provide the “#so-developed universe”.
Indeed, the result is delivered under free licence, which eases cooperation, allows evolution, adaptations and transformations as time goes on. The Khaganat project refutes the idea that an artistic project has to be kept under control by its creator to be able to keep it's dynamism. We instead estimates that it might be interesting to imagine a universe that would escape to its genesis:

  • The contributors can use everything they want from the Khaganat world for their own work.
  • Make their investment yield profit to themselves in total freedom.
  • Information should be available to all.
  • Following an “ordering” that allows everyone to choose the level of information witch they want to know.
  • What they prefer to discover in the game.
  • That it is possible to propose alternatives.
  • Proposing additions to the world that fit in perfectly with what already exists.
  • Deliberately create an opposition without having to wait for validation of the idea(before any final development).

A universe for playing

Anyone will be able to modify the so-created world, but it will also be possible to walk in it through an MMORPG, which also will be based on tools from the free world. Since May, 6th 2010, RyzomCore toolkit exists under AGPL v3 licence, along with a set of graphical data under Creative Commons Attribution – Share-alike licence. The Khaganat project wants to go into partnership with RyzomCore project to support the development of this platform. The use of free tools will also be favored in all the aspects of the game, it being the documentation available through wikis, or as well as the “introduction portal” or the forum. Tools dedicated to the interface between the game and the Internet will also be needed, of course preferably under free form:

  • An increased transparency regarding the use of data being made, and a guaranteed durability on their access.
  • Participating in the development of a complete platform used to create an MMORPG in total independence, thanks to experiments, and the in-development of the needed tools.

Play freely with the universe

The Khaganat project wants to free itself from the “codes” that usually define the relationships between the game and the levels of reality, and hence to rethink some relationships and some behaviours met commonly in virtual worlds. Reality(or game, who knows) levels in the game will blur the borders, and have the player think about his/her own implication in the universe that (s)he contributes to create, and define his/her personal implication or his/her's very presence.

In the confrontations between the characters, the notion of PwP (Player with Player) will be highlighted, as an “echo” to the “cooperative spirit” that the originators of the project seeks to install into the game, like:

  • A think tank about the various playing styles, and how to make them coexist so everyone can have fun from it.
  • The possibility to interact with the world or with his/hers characters without needing to connect with the game client.
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