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Means of payment for Khaganat


Liberapay is a service for money donation to private individuals and teams. This site aims at supporting all these generous peoples who're giving of their time and their knowledge, but also who're needing some money to feed themselves some pastas.

The Khaganat team appears on Liberapay: if you're donating to the team, the ones who've registered will be able to offer themselves a tea to face to the long vigil nights… or if the donations are geneours enough, to spend even more time on Khaganat. You can also donate nominatively. On Liberapy, you can also find Pendorid: she represents the material part of the association (the charges related to the servers especially).

A tutorial on how to start with Liberapay is available (in French for now) here.

The charges taken by Liberapay are very low and clearly mentionned at the time of the donation, so you know exactly which amount you're giving. Favour this plateform if possible. Especially as this project is also funded through the direct donations which are done to it, using its own system (donation page to the Liberapay team). So it doesn't debit any percentage on what you donate to the others (apart from the minimum bank charges applied to them).


Flattr is a micropayment system allowing to remunerate the authors of Internet content. The best presentation of this system (in French) is this blog item by Lionel Dricot. Having a Flattr account is a simple way to say “thank” to a website with some money. For the websites owners, it's an alternative to the ads: the pay is the same (meaning that it generates more money on the sites with lots of views) without it being as aggressive for the reader.


Paypal allows you to donate the amount you want. Beware, since Paypal takes charges on the transactions, we'll get a bit less than what you're giving1) !

We've implemented a solution which allows you to donate the amount you want. You can also subscribe and give a few money each month.

By cash or cheque

During AFK2), it is possible to donate directly by cash or cheque, which a treasurer will then deposit to the bank. It's not necessarily the most simple way, since we only gather once or twice a year.

It is technically feasible to send a cheque by mail to the office of the association, addressed to “Khaganat”3):

Association Khaganat
2 Allée des Anémones
15400 Riom es Montagnes

Other means of payment

We've installed the minimum, since we didn't know what peoples will prefer to use. But if you prefer to use something else, tell us and we'll try to implement it! To contact us:

  • Come talk with us on IRC
  • Leave a message on the forum
  • Send a mail to assoc@khaganat.net .

See also

There is a minimum of 0,25€ fees, so please give a bit more than this ;-)
Meetings “Away from Keyboard”, when members gather around a good meal to speak, among other things, about Khaganat
but we've never tried to cash a foreign cheque
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