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How much does the project cost per year?

We're spending money for:

  • A VPS for the web site (OVH, 2,39€/month)
  • A VPS for the test web site so that we don't break down the production site and we can tinker with it safely (OVH, 2,39€/month)
  • A more powerful VPS for the game server (Behost, 4,79€/month)
  • A dedicated server for storage (Kimsufi, 11,99€/month)
  • The domain name khaganat.net to which a mailbox is attached (Gandi, 14€/year)

During the previous years, we were also paying for a SSL certificate by Gandi, but this year we'll try the free solution by Let's Encrypt.

We also have some charges related to the banking account, which we are trying to reduce at the minimum, but those rascals are tenacious.

Budget closed for year 2015

Cost item Yearly cost in euros
Servers 185,55
Domain name 14
SSL Certificate 14,4
Bank charges 0
Sum 213,95

Projected budget for year 2016

Cost item Yearly cost in euros
Servers 258,72
Domaine name 14
Bank charges 3,70
Sum 276,42

An increase in the servers budget item, since we've taken a slightly more powerful VPX for the game server, and on the previous year we had started the kimsufi in the progress of the year.


We're working only thanks to donations.

On January 1st 2016, we had 559,31€ in reserve, which will allow us to cover the base expenses for 2016. Thanks to all our generous sponsors!

Money collected in January 2016 
We can pay for everything which is expected; but if you donate more, it'll allow to fund for more also!
(100% ) 100%Priority: :-)

Yes, I love Khaganat and I want for this project to grow, so I donate!

How much can I spend ideally to support the project?

Currently, our expenses are balanced. That's why we're encouraging you to donate using the Liberapay plateforme: it will continue to fund a bit the material side and will start to fund also the work of Khaganat's peoples. For those of them who have registered to the Khaganat team of Liberapay, more money means more time to spend on the project.

Ideally, 3€ per week for the project, or 12€ per month, or 156€per year are generous donations, especially if lots of people are donating!

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