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You like Khaganat, you want to help us seeing through this titanic project? We're accepting all available helps! There are lots of ways to help us.

By giving your time

Be it either by translating texts, or by making drawings, or by writing code or stories, or simply by giving your advice, sharing good ideas, or cheering others, everyone can find his place in the project.

You believe you can do nothing? You'll be useless? You're mistaken, whatever your CV and your experiences, you've got something to bring to us. As for everything you don't know… if you want to learn, we'll help you!

We're all volunteers, so no one is forced to be there for a given amount of time, or to do certain amount of work in a limited time. If you come once a month to say hello, or if you spend your days exchanging and making the whole project working, everyone is welcome.

By giving money

It's always useful… To have servers up and running or to fund some specific works, money remains what makes the world go around.

We've already implemented several means of payment, so that everyone can help the project in the way (s)he prefers. Tell us about your prefered means of payment! And if you want to offer a pizza to each member of the team, it can be done also… but it'll mean a hell of a journey! :-D

If you want to help us by giving money, you can use this page.

If you want to know more about the means of payment that we are using, everything is explained here.

To know how much the project costs and how much we still need, all data are available here.

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