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The objects(.sitem)

objects of the type .sitem are those that can be used in game for the character to interact with his environment. It may also refer to clothing, tools, pets, accommodation and services.

There are families to which objects must belong(but all are not implemented):

We add to this a particular object type(which seldom only is “one”), but which may still concern any of the preceding ones:

There is also a category of objects reserved for the Ring Server(still to be tested):

  • scroll R2, book R2, letter R2

This is a category of objects under development(but not yet implemented):

This shows several categories of objects not implemented at all:

  • generic item
  • stack
  • corpse
  • carrion
  • big seed
  • little seed
  • living seed
  • medium seed
  • very big seed
  • training tool
  • undefined
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