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The craft tools

Craft tools are those that make it possible to make objects using raw materials.

Simply enter in the basics section the crafting tool parameter in feature ''family''.

As usual, the contents of the Data Sheet files are directly presented(without going through Georges Editor) to simplify the presentation, but of course it's free for everyone to use the editor instead. This also allows to have the LOGs filled, which are removed for “clarity here”.

Contents of the Data Sheet

This(very simple object) contains only the normal sections of a .sitem object, namely basics and 3D plus the crafting tool section.

It is therefore appropriate to fill in a DS with the following sections:

As always, having parentage in mind will save repetitions.

It should be checked to see how these tools can be made using craft plans! Does their entry CraftPlan suffice?

Sample file

Here is an example of a complete datasheet for a creature of this type:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FORM Revision="$Revision: 1.0 $" State="modified">
    <STRUCT Name="basics">
      <ATOM Name="name" Value="Armor Tool"/>
      <ATOM Name="origin" Value="refugee"/>
      <ATOM Name="family" Value="crafting tool"/>
      <ATOM Name="ItemType" Value="ArmorTool"/>
      <ATOM Name="Drop or Sell" Value="false"/>
      <STRUCT Name="EquipmentInfo">
        <ARRAY Name="EquipmentSlots">
          <ATOM Name="right_hand_exclusive_hand" Value="Right hand exclusive Hand"/>
      <ATOM Name="Bulk" Value="15"/>
      <ATOM Name="Price" Value="11000"/>
      <ATOM Name="Time to Equip In Ticks" Value="12"/>
    <STRUCT Name="crafting tool">
      <ATOM Name="type" Value="ArmorTool"/>
    <STRUCT Name="3d">
      <ATOM Name="shape" Value="GE_Kcou_aiguille_A.shape"/>
      <ATOM Name="shape_female" Value="GE_Kcou_aiguille_A.shape"/>
      <ATOM Name="icon" Value="TO_Armor.tga"/>
      <ATOM Name="icon background" Value="BK_generic.tga"/>
      <ATOM Name="anim_set" Value="Make Clothes"/>

As always, think of parentage to decline the series by reducing the seizures.

Adding to language files

Do not forget to add add our new datasheets to the language files, so that these objects names can be displayed in the client.

For objects, it's the filetype item_words_XX.txt (XX denoting the ISO code of the language, see part dedicated to localization). The itemID value(to be entered in this file) must match the name ending of type: .sitem, armortool01.

It would seem that it is not necessary to name an entire sitename if the same ID affects several DS's.
By entering armortool as itemID, the corresponding terms of the language file will be used for all DS's starting with armortool, so therefor it will concern all the tools that will be designated under the same name.

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