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Located in: /DFN/game_elem/_item

This is a list of the different object families that can be used in the game:

Name Explanation System value
undefinedtbd UNDEFINED
armortbd ARMOR
melee weapontbd MELEE_WEAPON
range weapontbd RANGE_WEAPON
shieldtbd SHIELD
ammotbd AMMO
crafting tooltbd CRAFTING_TOOL
harvest tooltbd HARVEST_TOOL
taming tooltbd TAMING_TOOL
training tooltbd TRAINING_TOOL
corpsetbd CORPSE
carriontbd CARRION
bagObjects that can contain inventories, objects BAG
stacktbd STACK
raw material (mp)tbd RAW_MATERIAL
foodtbd FOOD
jewelrytbd JEWELRY
teleporttbd TELEPORT
living seedtbd LIVING_SEED
little seedtbd LITTLE_SEED
medium seedtbd MEDIUM_SEED
big seedtbd BIG_SEED
very big seedtbd VERY_BIG_SEED
mission itemtbd MISSION_ITEM
crystallized spelltbd CRYSTALLIZED_SPELL
item sap rechargetbd ITEM_SAP_RECHARGE
pet animal ticketFamily for pets PET_ANIMAL_TICKET
guild optiontbd GUILD_OPTION
handled itemtbd HANDLED_ITEM
cosmetictbd COSMETIC
servicetbd SERVICE
consumabletbd CONSUMABLE
xp catalysertbd XP_CATALYSER
scroll, book, lettertbd SCROLL
scroll R2, book R2, letter R2This value is only used in Ring servers SCROLL_R2
command tickettbd COMMAND_TICKET
generic itemtbd GENERIC_ITEM
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