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To file tickets

Filing tickets are special items that allow you to place an order/complaint on the shard, according to the specified rights.

In the basics section, the command ticket parameter is entered in feature ''family''.

As usual, I will present the contents of the “Data Sheet files” directly, without going through Georges Editor, just to simplify the presentation. But feel free to use this editor if you like. This also allows to have the LOGs filled, which i cut out for the clarity of thing.

Contents of the Data Sheet

This very simple object contains only the “normal sections” of a given .sitem object, namely basics and 3D.

It is therefore appropriate to fill in a DS with the following sections:

As usually, the parentage will avoid repetitions.

Sample file

Here is an example of a full datasheet for this “ticket type”:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FORM Revision="$Revision: 1.2 $" State="modified">
    <STRUCT Name="basics">
      <ATOM Name="name" Value="Ticket to get money"/>
      <ATOM Name="origin" Value="tribe"/>
      <ATOM Name="family" Value="command ticket"/>
      <ATOM Name="ShardExchangeable" Value="false"/>
      <ATOM Name="Drop or Sell" Value="false"/>
      <ATOM Name="Saleable" Value="false"/>
      <ATOM Name="Consumable" Value="true"/>
    <STRUCT Name="3d">
      <ATOM Name="icon" Value="MP_Batiment_Noyau_MaDuk.tga"/>
      <ATOM Name="icon background" Value="BK_mission.tga"/>
    <STRUCT Name="CommandTicket">
      <ATOM Name="Command" Value="Money 999 999 999"/>
      <ATOM Name="Priviledge" Value=":DEV:SGM:GM:VG:SG:"/>
      <ATOM Name="NbRun" Value="1"/>

As always, think of parentage to decline series by reducing the seizures.

Adding to language files

Do not forget to add our new datasheets to the language files, as the client needs to be able to show the objects.

For objects, the file is item_words_XX.txt (XX denoting the ISO code of the language, see part dedicated to localization). The itemID values entered in this file must match the name of .sitem' gmmoney01.

<WRAP center round tip 60% It would seem that it is not necessary to name an entire sitemame if the same ID affects several DS's.
By entering gmmoney as itemID, the corresponding terms of the language file will be used for all DS starting with gmmoney so it will concern all the command tickets that will be designated under the same name . </WRAP>

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