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Khaganat Association

Khaganat is an association law 1901 that was officially founded on 11 Janurary 2014. It is a collegiate association, therefore without president : every member of the college has as much power and responsabilities as another, and every member of the association can enter the college (follow statuts for more). Our decisions are by consensus and not by majority.

Its goal is to support and assure the continuity of free fictionnal universes (“free” with the meaning of the FSF; Khanat is one of these universes, but there can be many more.

“Association” are organisations specific to French law. There is no equivalent in the Anglo-Saxon world; like non-profit but better.

Sign up

Everyone can sign up as a member of the Khaganat association. In order to sign up, it is mandatory to fullfil the form and send an annual cotisation to the association.

This inscription is not mandatory to use the services : it is only needed if yo uwould like to vote and/or apply to the College.

The cotisation has a duration of a year and begins on 11 January. It can be payed on the AFK, or using Paypal (adding fees required by Paypal), by sending a bank cheque… More on the detail of the means of payment. In 2016 the cotisation is 5€. Only members that have payed their cotisation can join the College.


Sign up to the association

Fields followed by an asterisk are mandatory. These informations are only visible by the College and will not be discole to the public. Please check the content before sending !


Any registrant to the association that has payed his “contribution” is a member. To sign up, it is mandatory to prove your identity1), be more than 162), and pay the contribution renewable each year on the date of the creation of the association3). It is not mandatory to associate your real identity with your pseudo. Everyone is free to do this, or not. Yet, the representation in an association is always with a real identity. This identity is not highlighted on the web as long as it is not needed.

The association is constituted of a College (members having more responsibilities) and associates (the other members). The members of the College assure the roles of president, secretary and treasurer.

To become a member of the College, simply make a request and be elected by all the members of the association (College and associates). Any member, whatever is his implication and the roles he could have had (ancient or actual), has the right to vote, to ask for a new election and apply to the College. The contribution is and must always stay cheap, to pay a stamp if needed and be sure any member is an active one. 5€ a year is a maximum to allow a representative democracy.

The decisions of the association and the bookkeeping must be public and searchable at any time by both members and non-members.

The association represents the project officially and legally. It can pay for servers, arrange crowdfunding, pay salaries to people if needed, and any other activity enabling it to fulfill its purpose. It does not aim to impose constraints on all or part of the project and can not take action on a universe (neither moderation nor marketing, etc.), but it can implement the decisions that this universe has taken. In so far of its resources, it ensures that each universe gets what it needs to function on a practical level (eg set up a server, perform at a show of play, communicate …).

You can consult the complete status of the association here.

You can find all the links related to the association here.

No, we do not sign up re rolls. And anonymity do not exist in associations
The world of Khanat is forbidden to -18, but it does not mean that the general project is reserved to adults, there might be softer worlds !
on 11 January
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