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Statutes of the association Khaganat

Article 1: Name(Company name), object and duration

An association of the collegiate type, governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901, entitled Khaganat, is established between the members of the present statutes.

This association aims to support and ensure the artistic and technical development of free playful universes as well as all operations that may directly or indirectly attach to it and which can facilitate it's extension.

The duration of the association is unlimited.

Article 2: Head Office

The registered office is located at 15400 Riom ès Montagnes. It may be transferred by simple decision of the college.

Article 3: Composition, Admission and Cancellation

To be a member of the association, you must be a natural person over the age of 16, provide proof of identity and be up-to-date with the annual membership fee. Membership is lost by:

  1. Resignation;
  2. death;
  3. The cancellation pronounced by the college on serious grounds, the case having to be treated in a clear and accessible way to all the members of the association.
  4. Non-payment of the annual subscription.

Payment of the membership fee must be made within 30 days of the ordinary general meeting.

Article 4: Resources

The resources of the association include:

  1. The amount of entrance fees and contributions.
  2. Subsidies from Europe, the State, regions, departments, communities of municipalities.
  3. Gifts of all kinds.
  4. All resources authorized by applicable laws and regulations.

Article 5: Ordinary General Assembly

The ordinary general assembly includes all the members of the association.

It shall meet annually on a date to be fixed by the college which shall convene the members of the association at least one month before that meeting. The agenda is on the summons, as well as the moral and financial balance sheet.

It may take place via the Internet if the legal conditions are met. In this case, the votes are made dematerialized via this same used media(“internet”).

The college elects for the duration of the Assembly, a meeting chairman in charge of managing the speech. Since the moral situation and the activity of the association, the management and the annual accounts(balance sheet, income statement and appendix) have already been transmitted, the meeting is responsible for approving it or not by a majority vote Of the votes of the presents.

The assembly then proceeds to vote for the integration of new members in the college according to the modalities described in the article “College”. The latter then selects from amongst the persons having the signature on the bank account.

The amount of the annual contributions is fixed for the coming year. Members of the association have one month to settle or be considered as resigning from the association(until they pay).

Decisions of general meetings are binding on all members, including absent or represented members.

Article 6: Extraordinary General Assembly

If need be, or at the request of half plus one of the members up to date of their subscription, the college may call an extraordinary general meeting, according to the modalities provided for in these statutes and only for modification of the statutes or the dissolution.

The terms of the meeting are the same as for the ordinary general meeting.

The deliberations shall be taken by a majority of the members present.

Article 7: College

The association is governed by a college of which each member has the same duties and responsibilities as all others. Each member of the college ensures, among other things, the function usually attributed to a “president”.

The members of the college are elected for a term of one year, unless they resign or lose their membership qualities in the meantime. They must apply again, like any member of the association, if they wish to remain a member of the college beyond the annual mandate.

The members of the college shall be elected at ordinary meetings. Any member may apply to be a member of the college, provided he or she understands the responsibilities. He must apply at least fifteen days before the date of the meeting. Each candidate is elected with the majority of votes of the members present at the meeting.

In case of necessity, the college may provisionally replace it's members. This replacement will happen at the next general meeting.

The college meets as often as necessary. The agenda of the meeting must be presented one week in advance, so that each member of the association can express it's opinion. Consensus-building is a priority. If the consensus within the college can not be reached, the decision is randomly determined between the possible choices.

All the members of the college assumes the non-criminal responsibility of the association. The college unanimously decides two to four members within it who will have access to the funds and the particular accounts at the ordinary meeting.

Decisions at the level of the association and the keeping of the accounts must be public and can be consulted at any time by the members.

Article 8: Indemnities

All functions(including those of college members) are free and voluntary. Only the expenses incurred in the fulfillment of their mandate may be reimbursed on justifications. The financial report presented to the ordinary general meeting details, per beneficiary, the reimbursement of mission, travel or representation expenses.

Article 9 : Dissolution

In the event of dissolution according to the terms of an extraordinary general meeting, one or more liquidators are appointed and the assets(if any) vest in accordance with the decisions of the extraordinary general meeting which decides on the dissolution(Or an association with similar purposes).


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