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The skills codes

Skills are defined by logical codes and are based on letters and also defined in the C++ code of the server.

SCAArmor Craft
SCAHHeavy Armor Craft
SCAHBHeavy Boots Craft
SCAHBEExpert Heavy Boots Craft
SCAHBEMMaster Heavy Boots Craft
SCAHGHeavy Gloves Craft
SCAHGEExpert Heavy Gloves Craft
SCAHGEMMaster Heavy Gloves Craft
SCAHHHeavy Helm Craft
SCAHHEExpert Heavy Helm Craft
SCAHHEMMaster Heavy Helm Craft
SCAHPHeavy Pants Craft
SCAHPEExpert Heavy Pants Craft
SCAHPEMMaster Heavy Pants Craft
SCAHSHeavy Sleeves Craft
SCAHSEExpert Heavy Sleeves Craft
SCAHSEMMaster Heavy Sleeves Craft
SCAHVHeavy Vest Craft
SCAHVEExpert Heavy Vest Craft
SCAHVEMMaster Heavy Vest Craft
SCALLight Armor Craft
SCALBLight Boots Craft
SCALBEExpert Light Boots Craft
SCALBEMMaster Light Boots Craft
SCALGLight Gloves Craft
SCALGEExpert Light Gloves Craft
SCALGEMMaster Light Gloves Craft
SCALPLight Pants Craft
SCALPEExpert Light Pants Craft
SCALPEMMaster Light Pants Craft
SCALSLight Sleeves Craft
SCALSEExpert Light Sleeves Craft
SCALSEMMaster Light Sleeves Craft
SCALVLight Vest Craft
SCALVEExpert Light Vest Craft
SCALVEMMaster Light Vest Craft
SCAMMedium Armor Craft
SCAMBMedium Boots Craft
SCAMBEExpert Medium Boots Craft
SCAMBEMMaster Medium Boots Craft
SCAMGMedium Gloves Craft
SCAMGEExpert Medium Gloves Craft
SCAMGEMMaster Medium Gloves Craft
SCAMPMedium Pants Craft
SCAMPEExpert Medium Pants Craft
SCAMPEMMaster Medium Pants Craft
SCAMSMedium Sleeves Craft
SCAMSEExpert Medium Sleeves Craft
SCAMSEMMaster Medium Sleeves Craft
SCAMVMedium Vest Craft
SCAMVEExpert Medium Vest Craft
SCAMVEMMaster Medium Vest Craft
SCASShield Craft
SCASBBuckler Craft
SCASBEExpert Buckler Craft
SCASBEMMaster Buckler Craft
SCASSLarge Shield Craft
SCASSEExpert Shield Craft
SCASSEMMaster Shield Craft
SCJJewel Craft
SCJAAnklet Craft
SCJAAAdvanced Anklet Craft
SCJAAEExpert Anklet Craft
SCJAAEMMaster Anklet Craft
SCJBBracelet Craft
SCJBAAdvanced Bracelet Craft
SCJBAEExpert Bracelet Craft
SCJBAEMMaster Bracelet Craft
SCJDDiadem Craft
SCJDAAdvanced Diadem Craft
SCJDAEExpert Diadem Craft
SCJDAEMMaster Diadem Craft
SCJEEaring Craft
SCJEAAdvanced Earing Craft
SCJEAEExpert Earing Craft
SCJEAEMMaster Earing Craft
SCJPPendant Craft
SCJPAAdvanced Pendant Craft
SCJPAEExpert Pendant Craft
SCJPAEMMaster Pendant Craft
SCJRRing Craft
SCJRAAdvanced Ring Craft
SCJRAEExpert Ring Craft
SCJRAEMMaster Ring Craft
SCMMelee Weapon Craft
SCM11H Melee Weapon Craft
SCM1AAxe Craft
SCM1AEExpert Axe Craft
SCM1AEMMaster Axe Craft
SCM1DDagger Craft
SCM1DEExpert Dagger Craft
SCM1DEMMaster Dagger Craft
SCM1MMace craft
SCM1MEExpert Mace craft
SCM1MEMMaster Mace Craft
SCM1PSpear Craft
SCM1PEExpert Spear Craft
SCM1PEMMaster Spear Craft
SCM1SSword Craft
SCM1SEExpert Sword Craft
SCM1SEMMaster Sword Craft
SCM1TStaff Craft
SCM1TEExpert Staff Craft
SCM1TEMMaster Staff Craft
SCM22H Melee Weapon Craft
SCM2A2H Axe Craft
SCM2AEExpert 2H Axe Craft
SCM2AEMMaster 2H Axe Craft
SCM2M2H Mace Craft
SCM2MEExpert 2H Mace Craft
SCM2MEMMaster 2H Mace Craft
SCM2PPike Craft
SCM2PEExpert Pike Craft
SCM2PEMMaster Pike Craft
SCM2S2H Sword Craft
SCM2SEExpert 2H Sword Craft
SCM2SEMMaster 2H Sword Craft
SCMCClose Combat Weapon Crafting
SCMCAAdvanced Magic Amplifier Crafting
SCMCAEExpert Magic Amplifier Crafting
SCMCAEMMaster Magic Amplifier Crafting
SCRRange Weapon Craft
SCR11H Range Weapon Craft
SCR1BBowpistol Craft
SCR1BEExpert Bowpistol Craft
SCR1BEMMaster Bowpistol Craft
SCR1PPistol Craft
SCR1PEExpert Pistol Craft
SCR1PEMMaster Pistol Craft
SCR22H Range Weapon Craft
SCR2AAutolauncher Craft
SCR2AEExpert Autolauncher Craft
SCR2AEMMaster Autolauncher Craft
SCR2BBowrifle Craft
SCR2BEExpert Bowrifle Craft
SCR2BEMMaster Bowrifle Craft
SCR2LLauncher Craft
SCR2LEExpert Launcher Craft
SCR2LEMMaster Launcher Craft
SCR2RRifle Craft
SCR2REExpert Rifle Craft
SCR2REMMaster Rifle Craft
SDAArmor defense
SDAHExpert armor defense
SDAHFExpert armor defense - Fyros
SDAHFAAdvanced expert armor defense - Fyros
SDAHFAEExpert expert armor defense - Fyros
SDAHMExpert armor defense - Matis
SDAHMAAdvanced expert armor defense - Matis
SDAHMAEExpert expert armor defense - Matis
SDAHTExpert armor defense - Tryker
SDAHTAAdvanced expert armor defense - Tryker
SDAHTAEExpert expert armor defense - Tryker
SDAHZExpert armor defense - Zoraï
SDAHZAAdvanced expert armor defense - Zoraï
SDAHZAEExpert expert armor defense - Zoraï
SDALLight armor defense
SDALFLight armor defense - Fyros
SDALFAAdvanced light armor defense - Fyros
SDALFAEExpert light armor defense - Fyros
SDALMLight armor defense - Matis
SDALMAAdvanced light armor defense - Matis
SDALMAEExpert light armor defense - Matis
SDALTLight armor defense - Tryker
SDALTAAdvanced light armor defense - Tryker
SDALTAEExpert light armor defense - Tryker
SDALZLight armor defense - Zoraï
SDALZAAdvanced light armor defense - Zoraï
SDALZAEExpert light armor defense - Zoraï
SDAMMedium armor defense
SDAMFMedium armor defense - Fyros
SDAMFAAdvanced medium armor defense - Fyros
SDAMFAEExpert medium armor defense - Fyros
SDAMMMedium armor defense - Matis
SDAMMAAdvanced medium armor defense - Matis
SDAMMAEExpert medium armor defense - Matis
SDAMTMedium armor defense - Tryker
SDAMTAAdvanced medium armor defense - Tryker
SDAMTAEExpert medium armor defense - Tryker
SDAMZMedium armor defense - Zoraï
SDAMZAAdvanced medium armor defense - Zoraï
SDAMZAEExpert medium armor defense - Zoraï
SDDDefense dodge
SDDAAdvanced defense dodge
SDDATTechnical advanced defense dodge
SDDATMMastery defense dodge
SDDATMEExpert advanced defense dodge
SDSShield defense
SDSBShield buckler defense
SDSBFShield buckler defense - Fyros
SDSBFAAdvanced shield buckler defense - Fyros
SDSBFAEExpert shield buckler defense - Fyros
SDSBMShield buckler defense - Matis
SDSBMAAdvanced shield buckler defense - Matis
SDSBMAEExpert shield buckler defense - Matis
SDSBTShield buckler defense - Tryker
SDSBTAAdvanced shield buckler defense - Tryker
SDSBTAEExpert shield buckler defense - Tryker
SDSBZShield buckler defense - Zoraï
SDSBZAAdvanced shield buckler defense - Zoraï
SDSBZAEExpert shield buckler defense - Zoraï
SDSSShield large shield defense
SDSSFShield large shield defense - Fyros
SDSSFAAdvanced shield large shield defense - Fyros
SDSSFAEExpert shield large shield defense - Fyros
SDSSMShield large shield defense - Matis
SDSSMAAdvanced shield large shield defense - Matis
SDSSMAEExpert shield large shield defense - Matis
SDSSTShield large shield defense - Tryker
SDSSTAAdvanced shield large shield defense - Tryker
SDSSTAEExpert shield large shield defense - Tryker
SDSSZShield large shield defense - Zoraï
SDSSZAAdvanced shield large shield defense - Zoraï
SDSSZAEExpert shield large shield defense - Zoraï
SFMMelee Fight
SFM11 Hand Melee Fight
SFM1B1 Hand Melee Blunt
SFM1BMEElectric Maces
SFM1BMMMaster Mace
SFM1BSMMaster Staff
SFM1P1 Hand Melee Piercing
SFM1PSEElectric Spears
SFM1PSLLiving Spears
SFM1PSMMaster Spear
SFM1S1 Hand Melee Slashing
SFM1SABBurning Axes
SFM1SAMMaster Axe
SFM1SSMMaster Sword
SFM1SSWWaving Swords
SFM22 Hand Melee Fight
SFM2B2 Hand Melee Blunt
SFM2BM2 Hand Maces
SFM2BMEElectric 2 Hand Maces
SFM2BMMMaster 2 Hand Mace
SFM2P2 Hand Melee Piercing
SFM2PPLLiving Pikes
SFM2PPMMaster Pike
SFM2S2 Hand Melee Slashing
SFM2SA2 Hand Axes
SFM2SABBurning 2 Hand Axes
SFM2SAMMaster 2 Hand Axe
SFM2SS2 Hand Swords
SFM2SSBBurning 2 Hand Swords
SFM2SSLLiving 2 Hand Swords
SFM2SSMMaster 2 Hand Sword
SFM2SSWWaving 2 Hand Swords
SFMCClose Combat
SFMCAAdvanced Close Combat
SFMCADLLiving Daggers
SFMCADMMaster Dagger
SFMCADWWaving Daggers
SFMCAHHand to Hand
SFMCAHMMaster Hand to Hand
SFRRange Fight
SFR11 Hand Range Fight
SFR1AAdvanced 1 Hand Range Fight
SFR1ABMMaster Bowpistol
SFR1ABWWaving Bowpistols
SFR1APLLiving Pistols
SFR1APMMaster Pistol
SFR22 Hand Range Fight
SFR2AAdvanced 2 Hand Range Fight
SFR2AABBurning Autolaunchers
SFR2AAMMaster Autolauncher
SFR2ABEElectric Bowrifles
SFR2ABMMaster Bowrifle
SFR2ALBBurning Launchers
SFR2ALEElectric Launchers
SFR2ALMMaster Launcher
SFR2ARLLiving Rifles
SFR2ARMMaster Rifle
SHFDDesert forage
SHFDAAdvanced desert forage
SHFDAEExpert desert forage
SHFDAEMMaster desert forage
SHFFForest forage
SHFFAAdvanced forest forage
SHFFAEExpert forest forage
SHFFAEMMaster forest forage
SHFJJungle forage
SHFJAAdvanced jungle forage
SHFJAEExpert jungle forage
SHFJAEMMaster jungle forage
SHFLLake forage
SHFLAAdvanced lake forage
SHFLAEExpert lake forage
SHFLAEMMaster lake forage
SHFPPrime roots forage
SHFPAAdvanced prime roots forage
SHFPAEExpert prime roots forage
SHFPAEMMaster prime roots forage
SMAMagic autonomous
SMAEMagic enchantment
SMAEBMagic enchantment - bonus
SMAESMagic enchantment - spell
SMAPMagic potion making
SMDDefensive Magic
SMDAStandard Defensive Affliction
SMDAAAdvanced Defensive Affliction
SMDAAEExpert Defensive Affliction
SMDAAEMMaster Defensive Affliction
SMDHStandard Healing Magic
SMDHAAdvanced Healing Magic
SMDHAEExpert Healing Magic
SMDHAEMMaster Healing Magic
SMLMagic link
SMLCMagic link curative
SMLCHMagic link curative heal
SMLCHAMagic link curative heal - SAP
SMLCHCMagic link curative heal - Focus
SMLCHPMagic link curative heal - HP
SMLCHTMagic link curative heal - STA
SMLMMagic link missile
SMLMBMagic link missile - Celestial
SMLMGMagic link missile - Atysian
SMLMRMagic link missile - Primal
SMLOMagic link offensive
SMLOCMagic link offensive curse
SMLOCHMagic link offensive curse - hatred
SMLOCIMagic link offensive curse - incapacity
SMLOCIAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Curse - Incapacity
SMLOCMMagic link offensive curse - mental disturbance
SMLOCSMagic link offensive curse - misfortune
SMLOCSAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Curse - Misfortune
SMLODMagic link offensive damage
SMLODBMagic link offensive damage - blunt
SMLODPMagic link offensive damage - piercing
SMLODSMagic link offensive damage - slashing
SMLOEMagic link offensive special damage
SMLOEAMagic link offensive special damage - acid
SMLOEAAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Special Damage - Acid
SMLOECMagic link offensive special damage - cold
SMLOECAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Special Damage - Cold
SMLOEEMagic link offensive special damage - electric
SMLOEEAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Special Damage - Electric
SMLOEFMagic link offensive special damage - fire
SMLOEFAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Special Damage - Fire
SMLOEPMagic link offensive special damage - poison
SMLOEPAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Special Damage - Poison
SMLOERMagic link offensive special damage - rot
SMLOERAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Special Damage - Rot
SMLOESMagic link offensive special damage - shockwave
SMLOESAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Special Damage - Shockwave
SMLOSMagic link offensive sickness
SMLOSKMagic link offensive sickness - skill debuff
SMLOSMMagic link offensive sickness - madness
SMLOSMAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Sickness - Madness
SMLOSRMagic link offensive sickness - resist debuff
SMLOSSMagic link offensive sickness - speed debuff
SMLOSSAAdvanced Magic Link Offensive Sickness - Speed Debuff
SMOOffensive Magic
SMOAStandard Offensive Affliction
SMOAAAdvanced Offensive Affliction
SMOAAEExpert Offensive Affliction
SMOAAEMMaster Offensive Affliction
SMOEStandard Elemental Magic
SMOEAAdvanced Elemental Magic
SMOEAEExpert Elemental Magic
SMOEAEMMaster Elemental Magic
SMSSelf Magic
SMSSStandard Self Magic
SMSSAAdvanced Self Magic
SMSSAEExpert Self Magic
SMSSAEMMaster Self Magic
SMTMagic targeted
SMTCMagic targeted curative
SMTCBMagic targeted curative break link
SMTCBCMagic targeted curative break link - curse
SMTCBDMagic targeted curative break link - damage
SMTCBSMagic targeted curative break link - sickness
SMTCHMagic targeted curative heal
SMTCHAMagic targeted curative heal - SAP
SMTCHAAAdvanced Magic Targeted Curative Heal - SAP
SMTCHCMagic targeted curative heal - Focus
SMTCHCAAdvanced Magic Targeted Curative Heal - Focus
SMTCHPMagic targeted curative heal - HP
SMTCHPAAdvanced Magic Targeted Curative Heal - HP
SMTCHTMagic targeted curative heal - STA
SMTCHTAAdvanced Magic Targeted Curative Heal - STA
SMTMMagic targeted missile
SMTMBMagic targeted missile - Celestial
SMTMGMagic targeted missile - Atysian
SMTMRMagic targeted missile - Primal
SMTOMagic targeted offensive
SMTODMagic targeted offensive damage
SMTODBMagic targeted offensive damage - blunt
SMTODPMagic targeted offensive damage - piercing
SMTODSMagic targeted offensive damage - slashing
SMTOEMagic targeted offensive special damage
SMTOEAMagic targeted offensive special damage - acid
SMTOEAAAdvanced Magic Targeted Offensive Special Damage - Acid
SMTOECMagic targeted offensive special damage - cold
SMTOECAAdvanced Magic Targeted Offensive special Damage - Cold
SMTOEEMagic targeted offensive special damage - electric
SMTOEEAAdvanced Magic Targeted Offensive Special Damage - Electric
SMTOEFMagic targeted offensive special damage - fire
SMTOEFAAdvanced Magic Targeted Offensive Special Damage - Fire
SMTOEPMagic targeted offensive special damage - poison
SMTOEPAAdvanced Magic Targeted Offensive Special Damage - Poison
SMTOERMagic targeted offensive special damage - rot
SMTOERAAdvanced Magic Targeted Offensive Special Damage - Rot
SMTOESMagic targeted offensive special damage - shockwave
SMTOESAAdvanced Magic Targeted Offensive Special Damage - Shockwave
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