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World Editor

World Editor is the most complete tool for creation of different areas. For ex: It allows to place ground tiles, manage creatures and the NPC's, to create missions, etc. It is a tool that seems very complete, but… you have to be able to understand it!!


It seems that the World Editor is only expected to run under Windows.. but it may be possible to run it under wine emulation on Linux.

It has not been designed to run(for ex) under Win 7 and 64bit versions. It has to be remembered when facing the various errors that you may encounter.

If it has not been done yet, start by downloading the datas and the tools (wich ones? What? More details, please!!!) then compile those ones (on Windows? 8-O ).

This is where it get's a bit more complicated. The official tutorial is quite confusing… And you've got to create two virtual disks: (l: and r:).

If you made it through these tutorials, plz help others by completing(in detail)this tutorial…

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