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Debugging the shard

On linux (in standard config), as soon as a process is dead, it generate a file named “core” in the folder where the process is executed. This core is the memory image of the process plus some debug infos like the stack trace (the report of the last instructions executed), which makes it possible, for example, to see everything that happened before the crash.

For using the core file, move in the folder /code/ryzom/server/ where usually processes of the server are executed.

There should be a “core” file. Execute the following command:

~/khaganat/code/ryzom/server $ gdb core core

It'll load the core.

Next you need to charge symbols (the debugging informations, otherwise we only see addresses and not the source code):

(gdb) symbol-file ../../build/bin/ryzom_ai_service

note deed, I used:

~/khaganat/code/ryzom/server $ gdb ../../build/bin/ryzom_ai_service core

And then we ask for backtrace

(gdb) bt

We then get informations on what really happened.

Be careful: the server must be compiled with the -DWITH_SYMBOLS=ON option to get the debug symbols.

Debugging the client

Some debugging infos are more more understandable from the client.

Install gdb if you haven't already done it, move inside the Khagant game folder and then start it with gdb command.

gdb khanat_client
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