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Coordinators list

The coordinators are only “the people who know what has been put where”, and who know how and when to link two bits of information that seem distant. Their role is to make sure that the people in the project find what they need to help them move forward. They also know enough to understand what is told inside their given perimeter, even if it’s not their cup of tea 1) nor the sub-domain where they’ve spent the most time.

If you think that your knowledge in a precise domain or on the whole of the project is sufficient to apply for the job of coordinator, modify the page. Same thing if you think that someone should be officially named as coordinator. But don’t be too harsh, it’s a lot of work!


The two people who can guide you as much on the world part as on the structure, computer, etc:

  • General coordinator: Zatalyz2).
  • General coordinator: Yannk

Computer (software / hardware)

  • Computer coordinator: Liria.
  • Client coordinator: Glorf. Client compilation, knowledge on its various possibilities.
  • WorldEditor coordinator: Hauru. Map creation.
  • Assets coordinator: Yannk. Modifying textures, extracting 3D objects, staging them.
  • Server coordinator: Daeldir. Management of a server (game, web, whatever).


  • Um1 Coordinator: Vaiatua.
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