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The urge for tweaking stuff(here and there) was a thing born in steps, little by little, but if we necessary need to assign a date(as marking of the first stone with Khaganat), it would be the date: 11 September 2012 as the basis was laid down of what would later become the manifests itself between Liria and Zatalyz, soon joined by Yannk.

On March 11, 2013, six months of project existence go completely unnoticed and not a candle is blown. Someone ends up noticing that it's been a few months already(right?) The enthusiasm is still intact, the wiki gently fills up with information, the team did grow with curious and more active participants. The world now has it's own identity and the gameplay choices and management of the(maybe future) community are rash and assumed. the question we asked ourself was: “Does all this still seem crazy?” Yes. “Are we continuing?” A thousand times yes!!

On January 11, 2014 the Khaganat association is created(and it's statutes are legible here). It allows as a mean to represent(officially and legally) the project(more detail here) and in particular to be able to pay the servers. It is also an opportunity for everyone to end up eating marshmallow and laughing. ;-)

In February 2014, due to problems on our basic server(khaganat.ninm.net), we were forced to make a big “clean up” of the site and we(at the same time) take the advantage to acquire our domain name “khaganat.net”. It immediately gives a “plus” on our moral as it is more “pro”, ie simply an “good ego boost!”

July 10, 2014, the Collaboration between Ryzom and Khaganat is officially announced.

In the winter time of 2015/2016, a more operational game server is acquired. Since the documentation has been largely completed, we now turned our attention on “how to” take advantage of the game engine.

March 2, 2016, we published our official presentation on linuxfr.org. In the days that followed, a tidal wave of users, curious and volunteers paraded on the game(and cat). The tremendous boost we got from this helped us make a lot of progress to current date!!

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