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How to contribute?


If you only have the need to create, it's a small thing to get started(well, almost)! At least you don't need to ask for the agreement of the great “sages conclave” to join the UM1 or the Mediateki. For more information, see the project link:operating 1).

Among the recurring tasks, you'll find:

  • Correcting typos and misspells as often as possible;
  • Organize, re-organize, cut, re-write etc on the various wiki;
  • Transfer the interesting bit's of information available on the forum to the wiki. Remember to add in the message(“added to the wiki”), a moderator will then add a tag in the title to show that there is nothing more to be done on this subject.
  • Create the wanted pages (on the UM1 but also on the other wikis). There's no need for hesitation when creating an article or adding links toward non-existing pages. Yes, it's “adding” in the “wanted pages”, but at the same time, we now know what has to be done!


If you happen to know more than one language(and think you can translate from French AND also has the time frame for it), then please help us in sharing the project with more people. As of date, the project is mostly handled by a French team, and most of the work is also done in the French language. But being able to share what we're doing with “everyone” and giving the opportunity for everyone to join(in whatever language) is of great importance to us!

For ex: There are game files to translate, articles to make/check on the wiki(s), re-checking for update changes, existing error-linking etc etc…


There are still lots of work to be done on the coding part. This old information page lists the bigger tasks.

One of the biggest challenges we have is to make the creation tools as simple as possible for users, and that goes for all platforms. This makes for everyone to be able to contribute to the world creation without having to compile(and without hard knowledge on computer science). Here follows some examples of tools that needs improvement/debugging:

Management of Ryzom Core data

The biggest priority is still given to “ergonomics, accessibility, and efficiency”, while always using open formats. This goes as much for the tools(related to the MMO-RPG) as to the ones related to the web site. The applied philosophy we follow is the one from Unix, and especially the part “Do one thing, and do it well.”


This section will need to be divided into several pages, depending on the different required knowledge's: 3d, illustrations, web graphics, etc… It's not useful as long as the demand of things asked for.. is low.


  • We're looking for illustrations that can be used in a magazin, if possible a cc-by license, but… as long as we have the author agreement, they can even be under ©. These illustrations will be used to brighten up the page layout and more or less display the vision of the “Khanat-team” (among other things…).
  • We're looking for illustrations under the “cc-by” for the wikhan and UM1. Even to see if it's possible to use images with another type of license. Both wiki's are at the moment using this one and it can/may create confusion(and then perhaps.. the illustration license is disregarded). So, take screenshots in game or share your own drawings, but avoid the images on which you may want to keep control of.

The ones who still are interested can have a look at the page: concept-art that gives explanation regarding the subject.


  • Anything that is an improvement to the site will be received gratefully :-)


  • In the long-term: adding elements accordingly to the additions from the UM1 (races, dwellings…)
  • In a not-so-long-term: “playing” with the textures of the elements we already have, to give the universe another look.
  • To Work with the animations of the 3d-models, of which have source problems.

For now, we are at work with writing down the explanations on how to organize and devise the files:



Some hints for OAP

We're using the following “open fonts” for imagery related to Khaganat/Khanat:

FR link till the EN one is active: fonctionnement_general
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