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Use the world_editor software to create missions.

Optional: Click on “Project”, then “Add Landscape”, then choose “” from your “resources/continents/newbieland/” folder.

Click on “Project”, then “Add Primitive” and select all the primitives of your resource/primitives/newbieland/folder.

See also Commented example of a mission creation.

If there is no “mission” primitive, click on “Project”, then “New Primitive”, then choose Missions_editor, and then Mission_tree.

Otherwise, unfold the mission primitive with a left click(for example missions_newbieland.primitives) right click on the first mission tree: missions_newbieland and select Add mission_tree.

Selecting Add_mission_tree

The “mission tree” window will open in both cases.

To have sureness of compiling the mission(witch is the last part of the creation), it's better to start by creating a new primitive just for the particular mission, and then test it. Once it's validated, it can be cut/pasted(ctrl-x, ctrl-v) in the primitive “mission primitive”. Thus the missions are grouped together.. or if the map is large and rich, a set of missions. As an example, all missions of the type “Winning pennies”.

Otherwise, there is an risk of “getting lost” with a huge bunch of primitives for one area!!

The Mission property window opens.

Property of the mission.

The more this property window is filled, the more easier it gets :-)

To edit:

  • name: give the name identifying the mission. For example qabb20160603b
  • audience: “solo” means that a single player can take it and validate it. “Group” concerns group quests(to be tested?), “Guild” the quests that will be validated at the level of the guild(also to be tested) .
  • auto_remove_from_journal: once validated, remove itself from the log?
  • automatic: ??? Leave by default as it is waiting to know the details
  • fail_if_inventory_is_full: fails automatically if the inventory is full?
  • giver_primitive: the .primitive where the NPC is located. An NPC already compiled with its missions can be found in urban _ *. Primitive, for example urban_newbieland.primitive
  • global replay_timer: the time before the quest can be resumed after its failure or success, for everyone? Visibly in ticks.
  • mission_category: mission category on Ryzom, it was fighting, crafting, drilling. Where is this defined? What are the options?
  • mission_descriptio n: put the ui to translate from the description of the mission, for example ui_nom_mission_DESC
  • mission_giver: put the identifier of the character giving the quest: $ givervar @ fullname $
  • mission_icon: name of the icon in the ds?
  • mission_titl e: put the ui to translate the title of the mission, for example ui_nom_mission_TITLE
  • mono_instance : ???

* need_validation: ??? Checked by default

  • abandoned: must relate to “invisible” quests that do not appear in the log
  • not_in_journal: The missions that do not appear in the newspaper can make it possible to make certain events; These are not classic missions, the player did something that triggered the start of the quest but he does not know.
  • not_propose : probably also for the invisible quests: the pnj launches the quest, but nothing indicates it?
  • parent_missions: specify the missions on which the current mission depends? You must have validated them to have access to this one?
  • sentence_auto_menu: ???
  • player_replay_timer: The time before the player can resume the quest. Visibly in ticks.
  • replayable: “replayable”, check if it can be done several times.
  • run_only_once: can only be done once.

In variables, add Var_npc and fill it.


name : givevar = name_NPC (title_NPC)
npc_function : title_NPC
npc_name : name_NPC
var_name : givevar

Creating a mission, first step

As a beginning, we start simple.
Choose a Step, then what kind of “objectives”:

  • Step, Done in order to validate the quest.
  • Step_ooo, Done in disorder to validate the quest.
  • Step_if, Several paths needed to validate the quest.
  • Step_any, Only one of the objectives required.

Objectives first


The PC must go to an NPC(in need of talking) to validate the target!


The PC must go to kill a NPC/mob to validate the target!


The PC must use a specific spell to validate the objective!


The PJ must go to harvest mps to validate the quest!


The PC must go to loop mps on a NPC/mob to validate the objective!


The PJ must go to make an object to validate the objective!


The PC must target a NPC/mob to validate the target!


The PC must go to sell a mps to validate the objective!


The PC must go buy a mps/item to validate the quest!


The PJ must give an mps/object to an NPC to validate the objective!


The PC must give money to an NPC to validate the objective!


The PC must go to escort a NPC/mob to validate the target!


The PC must visit a place to validate the objective!


The PC must have a minimum skill level to validate the objective!


The PC must go to another mission to validate the objective! (to test)


The PC must wait for a message to validate the objective! (to test)


The PC must wait for a populated scenario to validate the goal! (to test)

secondary objectives

It is possible to put secondary objectives in:

  • pre_actions
  • objectives
  • post_actions


The PC receives money.

Creating a mission with dialogues

Now we add the dialogs.
OBS: It is absolutely necessary to place the PC before the NPC before starting a dialogue!!

Choose a dynamic chat:

To finish

Special Condition

Special cases:
To avoid having missions that crash!!!!!

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