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Multi-account and multipass

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Reroll, multiboxing … Playing several characters(at once) in the same game is not always easy. This is often linked to dubious practices, where one considers that the player seeks to gain an advantage over others by having several characters. And this is in fact sometimes the case!! But there are also good reasons to allow for having several(connected)characters. Particular at “animation level”, because this gives players the opportunity to have several actors.. and thus creating interactive stories.

Playing with multiple accounts is neither good nor bad, what counts is what you choose to do with it!!

In MMORPG, there is MMO...

MMORPG:massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Unlike a solo game, an mmo is played with other players. Without this dimension, you would remain alone in a world populated by NPCs. Other players are not NPCs(duuh!!), and they offer unique interactions that no AI can achieve, however some sophisticated versions can duplicate the behavior. But it is therefore necessary to take advantage of this wealth, and to give oneself the means to discover it!!

The gameplay system(of Khaganat) is supposed to promote mutual help(and therefore playing with others). An action is always easier and yields more when it is done with other people than alone. There are phases of play intended to be “solo” as well(ofcourse), but this is not the majority of the content. Whenever possible, try to solve a problem with other players, without resorting to multi-account, because everyone wins in this. :)

As on many games, the use of automation software is prohibited and can lead to permanent ban. The game is there to be played(not used) so everyone gets their chance. If some part of the game doesn't not please you, simply ignore it, or instead help changing it(it will not be more complex than setting up a bot). And if you are interested in programming AI “bots”, you're welcome to improve this part of the world, for example by creating “pnjs” with more complex behavior.

But there are cases where a multi-account is an interesting aspect. This aspect(except in case of manifest abuse linked to the multi-client account) will be tolerated. Each case is always an unique one. The server has tools to alert on various annoying behaviors and in this case the concerned player is contacted by a moderator in order to find out what to change(it can be on the player side.. but sometimes also on the game side).

When is the multi-account acceptable?

How to know if a multi-account is acceptable or on the contrary is likely to be problematic? Two questions to ask: who benefits from the crime, and whats the abuse in it?

Who does it hurt?

Whether for gameplay, roleplay or other reasons, we must ask ourselves if the action(taken by taking advantage of a multiple account) can harm someone. If this is the case, it is reprehensible. Otherwise, why should it matter?

If the multi-account prevents other players from accessing resources, then it is “detrimental”. If it hinders the holding of an event, even then it's detrimental. If it is for completing “a team” that nobody wants to join, then where is the evil in that?

The question must arise when one decides to use a multiple account, but also(before complaining) that another uses this practice. Is it harmful what he or she is doing to you? If so, an discussion with a “Moderator” can be a good idea. If not, then just go back to playing the game and have fun. :)

Is this kind of use not excessive?

As one of the main interests in an MMORPG should be.. is the “MMO” part!! Enjoying the game with others and playing only one account(at a time whenever possible). It also offers company to those who seem to feel lonely with their re-rolls, for ex: if you do not wish to play with them, they normally turn to the multi-account sooner or later!

In general, avoid having more than “two” of your characters on the “same task” and try to spend less then half of your playing time(with two of your characters) in the process of helping each other. This is not a rule but a recommendation, for ex: by remaining within these limits, your action is unlikely to be a critical one.

The tools inside the game detect when multiple accounts are used(connected) from the same address and in progress. No one will bother you for an IRL(between buddies) or because you play with your family! However if you only play in an “two rerolls” mode, with the two characters constantly playing together, then without a doubt you will hear from the moderator.. checking(among other things) that the intensive use of the“ reroll” is not hiding a problem a deeper problem.

Using a Bot is evil?

As mentioned above, the use of “third party software” to automate tasks is prohibited. The game is made for humans, nothing else.

However.. the appearance of bot(in game) is more of a “symptom” than a direct problem. If you are tempted to automate a task, it is likely that you choose this of importance for progression in the game and therefore “badly thought” to choose the shortcuts. So.. thereby you try to adapt your gameplay. With this in mind, do not hesitate to help us “find solutions” or simply to report the imbalance, so the pleasure of “playing” is ongoing, and not running programs!!

The second big motivation to run a bot could be: the challenge it can represent and the desire to do things differently. If you have this kind of “twist” or desire, welcome to the team! We can together make official “bots” which will serve everybody after completion. One can integrate in-game robots to be programmed, such as the automates of the Arena(and this is only an example). One can even(in this case) trade the bots! There's also even programming an AI(even a basic one), as long as all benefits from it, right?

For ex: to explore the server(and client) code to improve it, and even to add functions as an part of the “tricks to make”. If you have a taste(and the curiosity) of testing out things, these “things” are at the service of the community, offering more and more fun to the game, and therefore your work will be valued.

Yes, here we banish only the selfish!! And hackers will undoubtedly have their chance.

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