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Deposits and technical collaboration on Khaganat

WIP : For each repository, there is an description(on a dedicated page) and technical information on how it should be worked on… based on the basic procedure of: The workflow type of work.

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We have organized the data(of the Khaganat project) into several repositories, both for historical reasons (inheritance from Ryzom Core structures, even from Nevrax), necessity for pipelines or simply for convenience.

Moreover, we have chosen to reorganize everything under Git(unlike Ryzom Core, which is under Mercurial), and to set up a GitLab. The data from Ryzom Core is therefore in a dedicated branch(if any), that usually relies on their branch develop unless otherwise stated.

We use an inspired organization of GitFlow for our additions.

If you are a “neophyte”, you can learn the databases of a version tracking system. ←- Needs to be created!!



Khanat code

The code used to create the binaries of the game:

  • Server services;
  • Customer;
  • Pipeline tools;
  • Creation tools(Ryzom Core Studio, Georges Editor and World Editor).

Khanat ressources

The data used to create the world:

  • Datasheets;
  • Primitives;
  • Configuration files;
  • Translation files;
  • Sound system including .wav.


Khanat assets source

The files used to create the graphic data of the game:

  • 2D multi-layered drawings that generates .png
  • Basic textures;
  • Concept arts;
  • Library of 3D elements used to create the game 3D objects.

Khanat assets

The graphical database required for the graphical pipeline generation of graphical elements for NeL and the 3D game engine:

  • Particle system files and their textures, 3D elements;
  • 3D files to be exported;
  • Final game textures;
  • Vegetation files;
  • Environmental textures and banks.

Khanat sound source

The files used to generate sounds of the game:

  • Les.wav in the final format;
  • The work files used to generate them;
  • Library of sounds useful for future additions.

Khanat assets export

An example of results(of a passage) in the graphical pipeline, with all the object formats used by NeL:

  • .shape files for 3D objects;
  • Generated LOD files;
  • Field zone files.

This depot allows to have the graphic elements ready for the pipeline, without the need for use of 3D privacy software.
It is not necessary to deploy a complete pipeline with a 3D tool for exporting.

Transitional filing

Khanat client data

Dropped .bnp files in the /data folder of the lirria client.

This repository is transitional, present for information/sample data.
It will be rendered obsolete with deployment of a complete pipeline

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