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Function used in mission creation.

Objective: The player has to sell specific items. It’s possible to force the player to sell to a given NPC by entering its name tag.


name: Objective name, only used by the mission designer.

npc_name (Optional): Tag of the NPC that the player has to sell to.

hide_obj (Boolean): Prevent the step to be displayed in the mission log.

overload_objective (Optional): Allow to set a specific a description of the mission. See text guidelines for the formatting requirements.

roleplay_objective (Optional): Allow to add a description to the step.

Item/quantity/quality: Array containing the description of the items that need to be sold. See item guidelines for the formatting requirements.

Default variables

npc_name (bot): $npc$

For item number X:

Variable name Formal expression Example
Item_type (item) $i<X>$ $i1$
Item_quantity (int) $qt<X>$ $qt1$
Item_quality (int) $quality<X>$ $qual1$
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