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Complex item declaration

Rules and information used in mission creation.

Item declaration in a string format

Some parameters require a complex declaration with a couple or triplet of elements, like a kill that focuses on killing an amount of members of a specific faction.

In that case, you set the parameters in the order indicated by the name of the parameter, separated by a blank.

You want the player to kill 5 members of the dead_seeds:
Faction/quantity: dead_seeds 5

You can also use variables with the same result
Faction/quantity: $faction_to_kill$ $body_count$

Item declarations in an array format

Some instructions require complex item declaration in an array format like item/quantity/quality for a craft_item objective for example.

In opposition to plain text, this kind of declaration has to be done on a single line for each entry, each element separated by blanks and with a simple carrier return at the end of the line, before you start entering information describing other items.

You want the player to craft 3 different types of items


<item_sheet_1> <item_quantity_1> <item_quality_1>
<item_sheet_2> <item_quantity_2> <item_quality_2>
<item_sheet_3> <item_quantity_3> <item_quality_3>

You want the player to kill 2 different types of fauna creatures


<creature_sheet_1> <creature_quantity_1>
<creature_sheet_2> <creature_quantity_2>

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