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Function used in mission creation.


grp_parameters : This is a set of parameters for the group. This is a list of « keywords : parameters » entry.

  • (deprecated) attackable : same as player_attackable
  • player_attackable : Indicate that the player can attack the npcs of the goups, bots also suffer area effect of player weapon. No parameters.
  • bot_attackable : Indicate that any bot (npc or fauna) can attack the pcs of the group. The npc will also suffer damage from bot area effect. No parameters.
  • bad guy : <dist> : Indicate that this bot will aggro any player. Parameter is the aggro dist (in meters).
  • escort range : <dist> : Specify the escort range. Parameter is the escort range (in meters). For more info, see the escorted activity. The default value is 30 m.
  • respawn time : <nb_ticks> : Specify the respawn time in TICKS1). Default is 5 mn (300 ticks). When setting respawn time, the despawn time is automaticaly set to ¼ of respawn time2).
  • despawn time : <nb_ticks> : Specify the despawn time in TICKS3). Default is ¼ of 5 mn. You MUST place despawn time AFTER respawn time or the value will be overwrite.

Dynamic system keywords:

  • camp contact : Specify that the contact group is working inside the tribe camp4). No parameter.
  • city contact : Specify that the contact group is working in a city5). No parameter.
  • outpost contact : Specify that the contact group is working in an outpost6). No parameter.
  • aggro range : <dist> Specify the aggro distance. Parameter is the agro distance (in meter).
1) , 3)
Re-spawn time is the delay after the death of a bot to his rebirth. De-spawn time is the time between the death of a bot and the de-spawn of the cadaver. Cadaver de-spawn can be faster if a player loot all the material on the cadaver.
The original text mentionned that the “despawn time was set to 1/4 of despawn time”
4) , 5) , 6)
If no contact flags are set, the group is available for all the places.
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