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Function used in mission creation.

Action which destroys the items that match the given filters:

  • The item sheet must match.
  • The quality must be at least the one wanted.
  • At max quantity of the items are destroyed.

The system:

  • selects first the lowest quality of the item possible.
  • search in the player inventory (bag or mektoubs).


name: Action name, only used by the mission designer.

npc_name (Optional): NPC tag name. Used to write in the sys info who destroyed the items.

Item/quantity/quality: Array containing given item description. See item_guidelines for the formatting requirements.

guild (Boolean): This parameter is only for guild missions. If it is set to true the action is done for the guild (not for the players that completed the mission).

Default variables

npc_name (bot): if not specified, the giver name is used in the destruction message in sys info

item_type (item): must be specified

item_quantity (int): 1

item_quality (int): 1

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