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Name of the bots

To have the Bots placed using the World Editor AND having correct names displayed over their head(in white rather than their code name specified in the Primitive) used in the publisher, THEN.. this is how to proceed!!

First step: Locate the given bot name

To do this, we use the World Editor. Open the file “newbieland.worldedit”(which contains the Bot names we want to change).
Then we load the Primitive that contains them: Project> Add Primitive and choose “urban_newbieland.primitive”.

In this example, there is “bland_marchand_rm” AND “nbland_marchandlarmor”, the parts between the “$”(in a row) indicates their function and titles, which are indicated under their names. We will(for the moment) let these be.
We can now close World Editor. Note: For those who prefer to work with xml files by hand, it is also possible to search the names of the Bots in the corresponding file with a text editor, in this example, it is:

Second step: Give a reference name to the server side bot

The server stores the “names of the Bots” in a file called “bot_name.txt”, it's located in code/ryzom/server/ data_shard/language.
It can be opened with a simple text editor, tho you should pay attention to it's format, which uses tabs and NOT spacing.
For now, it's almost empty, only Chiang has the honor to have a name in the file(provided with the official sources of Ryzom Core):

*HASH_VALUE	bot name	translated name	sheet_name	
_819E5006E9093123	chiang_the_strong	$gn_chiang_the_strong$	

There is a tab between each field(including before the last one). Even if it is empty, still think of including it when you add entries.

The HASH code of the first field guarantees the difference between two entries. It is enough to determine the vaule of your own choice.

Let's decide to build the names on the same model as the example provided, adding gn_ before the call retained in the file “urban_newbieland.primitive” and enclosing them with “$”
We thus obtain:

*HASH_VALUE	bot name	translated name	sheet_name	

_819E5006E9093123	chiang_the_strong	$gn_chiang_the_strong$	
_752H6DZ7CG70OSA2	bland_marchand_rm	$gn_bland_marchand_rm$	
_987HXH876RXTDV95	nbland_marchand_larmor	$gn_nbland_marchand_larmor$	

It is then necessary to indicate(for each language file) the version in the corresponding language. In our case, we will deal with the file: title_words_en.txt. Open it with your chosen text editor. This file is organized in the same way and we will even modify it in a similar way, but this time by indicating the value translated name that we defined above, without the $. Again(at the begining), we create a HASH number to make the line unique, and we make sure not to forget the “end-of-line tabs”.
Add the following lines at the end of the file:

_87X98YD8DHZ8HYH7	gn_bland_marchand_rm	        Automate Generator
_N4I7YXC827T7H68C	gn_nbland_marchand_larmor	Manufacturing automaton

Note: It is of course possible(and even recommended) to add translations in all server language files.

Then stopping the shard, erasing the old sheets(so the new ones can be recalculated by the server), and simply restarting the shard, like below:

$ shard stop
$ cd /home/khanat/ryzomcore/code/ryzom/server/data_shard
$ rm *.packed_sheets
$ shard start

Then we do <Ctrl + A>, <d> to leave Screen and find its terminal.

Step Three: update your client

For the time being, your client is not informed of this patch, so it is necessary to provide it with the new language files that have been updated on the server side.
The easiest way is to transfer a copy of these files to the “user” subdirectory of your game client, it's content always taking precedence over what is provided by default by the client.
In our case, we only have to copy the file “title_words_en.txt”. At the next login, our bots will have nice names over their heads.

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