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One of the flagship projects of Khaganat concerns the setting up of a MMORPG. This section centralizes all the information and tutorials that it concerns. It even concerns what is finalized.

This portal needs to be worked on: links to sub-portals, articles, etc.

Here are some old categories(to see if they are still relevant):

  • Configuring the game server and client, how to set up and customize.
  • Server Administration
  • How to manage and manipulate game data, whether to add data to the server/client or call them in-game, make the world …
  • Documentation on all specific terms and code.
  • What is being developed.

“Big line”

Introduction “write the history of games”(a short summary that writes all that is needed for a complete and coherent story)

Configuring the game server

Client Configuration

(NEL tools only work under windows but there are their equivalents under linux(finally almost there: p])

  • World_editor (LIGO map editor and primitives (mission, pop, …))
  • Viewer object
  • George (datasheet editor)
  • Bnp Manager
  • Gui Editor
  • Ryzom studio (Gathers all NEL tools)
  • 3dsmax will soon be replaced by blender
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