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Fill the user card

Each registered user can have a page under his/her name, that can be found in wiki:user:pseudo(replace pseudo with your user name).

You’ve got direct access to your personal card when you’re connected with your pseudonym(ie: username), at the top right corner of the page (Logged in as: pseudo ) is a link to it.

These pages are similar to all other pages on the wiki: visible by anyone, and modifiable by any registered user. Nonetheless, courtesy is appropriate, and the considered user is, in the end, the only who decides on who might, or not, stay on his/her page.

These user pages exist on each wiki. You can hence fill the same card in three copies… But there are more interesting things to do! The user card on the wikhan is the best fitted for a(slightly) official presentation of what you’re doing in the project. The one of the UM1 is perfect if you want to introduce your characters or your actions in game. And the one in the mediateki is the good place to speak about your projects around the khanat, list your creations…

A user page is not only for introducing oneself. It’s also a note pad where you can write down a “todo list”, information you don’t want to forget, a list of links you like to visit, or do some tests before publishing an article… Actually, you can call it a personal place. You simply do what you want on your page!

To find yourself between the different parts of your user page, use section titles, such as presentation, notepad, todo . It makes it quicker to browse from one to another.

Use also the interwiki links to avoid repeating yourself. If you want to write an exhaustive introduction in the wikhan, a simple link will be enough on the two other wikis.

Tag user

You can add tags, you are even encouraged to do so! The user tag of course, but also (if it seems relevant) English-speaking, French-speaking, Lojban-speaking, admin_wiki, moderator, cartographer, code writer, etc.

Help for introducing yourself

What may be mentioned, at least in the wikhan part?

  • The languages you speak, and how well you do. And think about English and Lojban, our two other languages that can be used currently in the project: let us know if we should avoid mentioning them, don’t you?
  • The things that you like to do and that may be used in the project. Not necessarily what you are good to! What matters is to find what, in the project, might give you fun.
  • The things that you can do, not forgetting to precise if these are things that you will do if it has to be done or if you’ll enjoy doing them. Sometimes, we’ll need an expert advice, but there’s no reason to work for free on something you’re usually paid for!
  • If you’ve got specific responsibilities in the project. For example, being an administrator for one part of it, coordinating the creation of the various maps of the world…

Feel free to add ideas that you think may be interesting in an introduction!

What is not required in your presentation

Giving your family name, first name, age, full genealogy or blood groop is definitively not obligatory. If you want to speak about it, you’re free, but don’t forget that everyone will read it. Even really strange people indeed, or people you’ll quarrel with, or… Protect your personal life by avoiding giving access to your private data to anyone and everyone.

There’s one case where highlighting your true identity may be useful: when you think that it will help you in your professional life. Actually, everything you put on the net and which is related to your name can be used by an employer (or your employees, your colleagues…), be it in your favour… or in your disfavour. Remember that every time your name appears!

You can perfectly shape notoriety under a pseudonym, in order to be credible and identifiable in a given part of the web. Among the internet communities, using a pseudonym doesn’t pose any problem. On the orther hand, if you decide to link your pseudonym to your real name, for example to get a job, remember that StupidboyfromNY may be a bit of a handicap.

You’re not due do to give a complete CV on the wikhan either. What matters is what you want to do, and what you’ll realise, which may be very different from what you’ve done in your life till today.

Helping the others to introduce themselves

Speaking about oneself in a relevant manner isn’t always simple. Speaking about others is much simpler!

Don’t hesitate to fill the pages of other users, to say what you like in them, what makes them unique, what you think is important and good to know about them.

The owner of the page stays free to change the lay-out, remove, shift…

Syntax to take part in the personal page of someone else

It’s more polite to precise clearly that the given opinion commits only its writer. Sign it with a link to your own page and put the whole in a "wrap" box.

<WRAP center round box 90%> Message \\ --- //[[pseudo]]// </WRAP>


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