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Texture of the ground


In the customer:
- * .dds(high definition)
- * .Tilebank (formerly .Bank) (all the textures of a group)
      - * .smallbank (alleged texture)
      - * .farbank (remote texture)

Exemple : "jungle" 
  - j-*.dds + alfa*.dds ( High definition ) (854 Files in ryzom)
.bank ou .tilebank : 
  - jungle.Tilebank (formerly jungle.Bank) (file /_textures_tiles/jungle)
  - jungle_au.tilebank  (files /_textures_tiles/jungle_au)
  - jungle_sp.tilebank  (files /_textures_tiles/jungle_sp)
  - jungle_su.tilebank  (files /_textures_tiles/jungle_su)
  - jungle_wi.tilebank  (files /_textures_tiles/jungle_wi)
jungle_bank.bnp :
  - jungle.smallbank ( texture alleged ) (file /_textures_tiles/jungle)
  - jungle_au.farbank (texture distant ) (files /_textures_tiles/jungle_au)
  - jungle_sp.farbank (texture distant ) (files /_textures_tiles/jungle_sp)
  - jungle_su.farbank (texture distant ) (files /_textures_tiles/jungle_su)
  - jungle_wi.farbank (texture distant ) (files /_textures_tiles/jungle_wi)
jungle_displace.bnp :
  - unknown

Texture DDS

In the assets: the basic textures are in PNG

* .dds

We use: tga2dss

tga2dds nomdufichier -m

tga2dds j-moussejungle-128-a-01.png -m

for FILE in *.png; do tga2dds $FILE -o ../$(basename $FILE .png).dds -m; done


We generate a file with all the DDS: * _tiles.bnp

bnp_make /p <directory_name> [<destination_path>] [<destination_filename>] [option] ... [option]

Exemple :
bnp_make /p jungle_tile jungle_tile.bnp

The jungle_tile folder contains all the 854 DDS's(in ryzom).

Texture .tilebank

We use: tile editor
We put all the textures of a group and it's vegetation into Tile_edit and we also create the tilebank file.

I created a folder: khanat_texture and I put in all  _textures_tile(jungle and lake).
I changed jungle.bank to jungle.tilebank.
I opened it in the tile_etitor.

I changed the textures, i also modified the information for "wise keeping".

Texture .smallbank

We use the file * .tilebank(file off/all seasons).

build_smallbank [input.bank] [output.smallbank] [new_absolute_path]

build_smallbank jungle.tilebank jungle.smallbank

Texture .farbank

We use the file * .tilebank(all seasons).

build_far_bank *.tilebank -r

Exemple : 
build_far_bank jungle_au.tilebank -r


We generate a file with * .smallbank and * .farbank: * _tiles.bnp

bnp_make /p <directory_name> [<destination_path>] [<destination_filename>] [option] ... [option]

example :
bnp_make /p jungle_bank jungle_bank.bnp
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