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Function used in mission creation.

Represents a teleport destination, accessed to teleport triggers

For room instanciation problems, here is a rule of thumb : “there must be one destination per room in a building, but the system automatically declines them by player and by guild”


name : name of the destination. 2 destination CANNOT SHARE THE SAME NAME.

type :

  • Uninstanciated : this is a standard teleportation : the destination is unique and not shared between instances
  • CommonRoom : the destination is a room that is not linked to a player or a guild but is shared by buildings ( example : a city hall interior )
  • PlayerRoom : Destination is a room belonging to a player. (not implemented yet)
  • GuildMain : Main Room of a guild ( entry room )
  • GuildAnnex : annex room of a guild

bots : name of the bots to spawn in a newly created instance of the destination ( does not work with Uninstanciated ).

exit : name of a teleport destination. Used to force the player to get out of a building ( needed for all types except Uninstanciated, does not work with Uninstanciated )

teleport_pets : if checked, player pets will be teleported ( works only with Uninstanciated )

place_name : name of the destination in the list

icon : icon to display in the destination list

teleport_zone : name of a teleport_zone structures, used to know the physical coords of the destination

restriction : if a player does not match the restrictions, he cannot teleport to the destination. Supported values are :

  • Rm_Fight : the guild in which the user is must have a fight rolemaster
  • Rm_Magic : the guild in which the user is must have a magic rolemaster
  • Rm_Harvest : the guild in which the user is must have a harvest rolemaster
  • Rm_Craft : the guild in which the user is must have a craft rolemaster
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