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Function used in mission creation.

When a step is failed (due to a timer, or any other condition), the last step_failure that have been reached is executed. It contains a list of actions to be done. The feature that allows the last of these steps to be considered as the active step_failure allows to execute different actions according to the stage of the mission when it fails. Executing a step_failure doesn’t imply that the mission itself fails, but unless specified otherwise, it will end with an automatic fail action.

Note on Jump_to : The active step_failure is emptied when executed, so if you use a jump_to in it, don’t forget to put another step_failure if you don’t want the active step_failure to remain empty.

More information about mission script structure can be found in the script guidelines reference document.


name : Name of the step, can be used as Jump_to destination and should thus be named as a C++ object (no blank, no special character …)

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