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Function used in mission creation.


name: Action name, only used by the mission designer.

skill: The skill branch where XP is to be received: SF, SFM1 etc…

value: The amount of XP (positive only!) to be gained in the branch


  • If the XP gain is high, it will increase levels automatically. Multiple levels may be gained in one shot through this way.
  • If the skill branch is a low level branch (SF, SM, SC…), and the player has already caped the branch (eg already 20 in SF), then no XP will be gained.
  • Hence you should specify the highest branch possible (eg: SFM1BMM)
  • Remember that what is displayed in the sysinfo on client is the amount of XP, mul by 100!! Hence be careful to specify for instance only 10 in the value field, if you want the player to gain 1000 XP (as displayed on client)

Default variables



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