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Function used in mission creation.

Specific type of step_dyn_chat that allows only one “I agree” answer to the player. If the linear_dyn_chat_fail is timed out, it executes a fail action. This is designed for the briefing situations at the beginning of a mission, where a player can move away from the giver or just ignore the NPC and then cancel the mission.


name : Name of the step, can be used as Jump_to destination and should thus be named as a C++ object (no blank, no special character …)

npc_name : Tag of the npc that does the chat.

hide_obj (Boolean) : Prevent the step to be displayed in the mission log.

overload_objective : Allow to set a specific a description of the mission. See text guidelines for the formatting requirements.

roleplay_objective (Optional): Allow to add a description to the step.

phrase : NPC speech that leads to the phrase_yes button. See text guidelines for the formatting requirements.

phrase_yes : Text displayed in the interface to be clicked by the player. See text guidelines for the formatting requirements.

Also see step_dyn_chat, linear_dyn_chat_retry, linear_dyn_chat_continue.

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