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Function used in mission creation.


name : the symbolic name for the fauna group. Used only for level designer readability.

autoSpawn : if checked, the fauna creatures are automatically spawned when the group is spawn. Otherwise, there must be a state machine that spawns them explicitly.

cycle : used to optionally specify the spawn cycle between the different population defined inside this group. With no cycle, after a population is decimated or despawned, the next population is chosen randomly. By specifying a cycle, level designer can chose what population spawns in with order.

The cycle is a simple character string where each character represents a population with ‘a’ matching the first population, ‘b’ matching the second, etc. e.g. : ababc mean a spawn cycle of population 1, population 2, population 1, population 3, population 3 then restart at beginning.

fauna_type : no more used

solidarity : no more used.

spawn_time : here you specify 2 or 3 values space separated :

  • The 1st value is the SPAWN TIME in seconds. When the AIS starts, or when the whole group is killed/despawned, then the whole group will respawn. All the creature will spawn 1 by 1 during this spawn time (eg: if 50 seconds, and 10 creatures, then 1 creature will spawn every 5 seconds during 50 seconds)
  • The 2nd value is the CORPSE TIME in seconds. After a creature of this group has been killed, this is the time its corpse stay in game (but if looted, it despawns asap).
  • The optional 3rd value is the RESPAWN TIME in seconds. This is the delay before respawning a creature after it corpse has despawned. If not specified ⇒ 45 seconds.

times : Here you specify two value space separated.

  • The first value is the delay spent on the eat zone in seconds.
  • The second is the delay spent in the rest zone in seconds.
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