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Rules and information used in mission creation.


The “ecotypezone” primitives set where ar located the terrains corresponding to the ecosystems. For example, at the north-west of the Matis territory there's an ecotype of the Desert type, and not a Forest one.

  • A deposit is included in only one ecotypezone.
  • A deposit cannot be outside of an ecotypezone.

Main properties

In the depositzone primitives, it is possible to specify directly mats codes (without the .sitem, in the “exact_mp_item” table. Thus, for the missions, deposits can be created which contain the specific required mats.

Here is how the mats selection for a deposit is done. For each existing mat sheet m*.sitem:

  1. If the name can be found in the “exact_mp_item” table, select
  2. Else:
    • if the ecosystem of the mat matches with the ecotype* where the deposit is located, or if it's Common,
    • if the average of the characteristics for the mat is included in the range between stat_quality_min and stat_quality_max incuded
    • ⇒ then the family of the mat is searched in the “mps” table:
      • if it found, select;
      • else, it is searched if the mat can be used to craft one of the item parts mentionned in “item_parts”. It will be selected if the civilisation of the related craft stanza can be found in “craft_civ” or if there's no civilisation specified.

Other properties

  • auto_spawn_average_period_s: average time, in seconds, between two source spwans in the deposit. Whatever the set up, the real time will be a multiple of the update period for the deposits in EGS (can be adjusted with the DepositUpdateFrequency variable, which is 30 seconds by default). Default value: 60 s (1 min)
  • auto_spawn_extraction_time_s: remaining lifetime for an auto-spawned source from the start of the first extraction. Default value: 25 s
  • auto_spawn_lifetime_s: time before the disappearance of an auto-spawned source which has not been foraged. Default value: 600 s (10 min)
  • auto_spawn_min_source: The system forces the deposit zone to accept permanently at least this number of auto-spawned sources. Default value: 0 ; MAXIMUM value accepted by the system: 100. It is recommanded to have 5 deposits of 20 sources minimum, rather than 1 deposit with 100 sources minimum.
  • auto_spawn_sources: if at false, only one of the prospections will allow to find the mats.
  • can_have_depletion_risk: if at false, the players won't be able to invalidate the zone with two harsh actions. If at true (default), and a player uses an extraction action which has the source life decrease too fast, it is possible for an approximatively 9 metres radius area around the source to appear and invalidate any foraging around the source.
  • can_prospect: if at false, prospections won't find anything (to be used along with auto_spawn_sources).
  • craft_civ: see above.
  • deposit_max_quality_250: maximum quality that a forager can reach even if this one has stanzas for an extraction of higher quality. Default value: -1 (no maximum shared for the whole deposit, in this case it will be the MaxQuality value mentionned in each mat sheet that will be used).
  • deposit_min_quality_250: minimum quality, i.e. it is required to use an extraction stanza of enough extraction quality (at least equal to the set figure). Thus there may exist deposits of high level. Default value: -1 (no minimum)
  • deposit_quantity_limit: The deposits can have a limited quantity. Once the whole stock consumed, the deposit will remain empty for a given time. Thus, there may exist some particulary rare mats. Default value: -1 (no limit)
  • deposit_quantity_respawn_time_ryzomdays: used with deposit_quantity_limit, specifies how long the deposit will remain after the whole quantity has been consumed.
  • deposit_statquality_max: see table, the “stat_quality” defines in fact the mats class (Basic, Fine, Choice, Excellent, Supreme, etc.) which will be present. deposit_statquality_max and deposit_statquality_min can be equal.
  • deposit_statquality_min: see table, the “stat_quality” defines in fact the mats class (Basic, Fine, Choice, Excellent, Supreme, etc.) which will be present. deposit_statquality_max and deposit_statquality_min can be equal.
  • enabled: if at false, nothing will be found in the deposit whatever its properties.
  • exact_mp_item: Exact name of the mat sheet.
  • initial_kami_anger: If -1, no kami anger for this deposit. Default value: 0. The max which trigger retaliation agains the foragers is global and controlled by an EGS variable.
  • item_parts: can be used to create one of the mentionned item parts.
  • mps: mats type to be chosen in a list.
  • source_fx: allows to chose the FX displayed to represent the sources of this deposit. This number is an index relating to a file _fx0.forage_source in leveldesign\game_element\forage_source.
  • while_season_…, while_weather…, while_its_…: presence depending on the season / weather / hour of the day conditions.
“statquality” table
20 Basic, Plain, Average
35 Fine, Prime
50 Choice, Select
65 Excellent, Superb
80 Supreme, Magnificient

Thus, it is for example possible to differentiate the “beginner foragers” deposits (with above values) from the kitin-lair or other deposits which will have sources appear differently.

Display in the WordEditor

All the boolean properties of the deposits can be seen with colours with the Windows > Primitive configuration order of the WorldEditor. (For example, by ticking auto_spawn and disabled, you'll see the affected deposits respectively in green and in red, the other ones remaining with their usual coulour; in the same way, you can display all the ones which are activated during night time, etc.).

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