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Function used in mission creation.


General rule : This system allows you to define loot tables for a npc without creating a new loot table sheet. A custom loot table has to contain custom_loot_sets. The custom loot tables are loaded and unloaded along with the primitive which contains them.

name : id of the custom loot table. It must be unique : if two tables have the same id, the second one won't be taken into account. This id is used to assign the model to a npc. To do this, type “CUSTOM_LOOT_TABLE: ” followed by the table id in the equip params of the npc.

money_base : base for the money amount dropped along with the items.

money_factor : factor used to define the money amount dropped along with the items.

money_proba : probability of money drop. Must be given as a floating value of a percentage (0.9 for 90%)

See also custom_loot_set.

For other customization possibilities, see also user_model.

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